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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rep. Gibson Helping Anson County?

Part II Of A Series

Rep. Pryor Gibson represents District 69 in the NC House of Representatives, which covers all of Anson County, NC and a smaller part of eastern Union County, NC.

Rep. Pryor Gibson (D-Anson) introduced and pushed new legislation through the NC General Assembly changing the election process of Union County Commissioners. Rep. Gibson’s legislation was opposed by all three other members of Union County’s General Assembly legislators and all five UC Commissioners.

There is a significant difference between the economic, educational, and political process between Anson and Union County. I will list a small number of these differences.

Anson County Commissioners are represented by seven (7) individuals by distinct district. Voters can vote for only one of the seven commissioners elected by district only.

Union County Commissioners are represented by five (5) individuals representing all the citizens of Union County. Each voter has the right to vote for “all” five commissioners.

District representation creates multiple divisions within our local communities. Collective representation creates unison.

You may ascertain the following facts at: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/.

The Gibson legislation is based on US Census for year 2000. More current from the 2006 US Census estimate shows Anson County has a total population of 25,472. Census estimate Union County’s 2006 population at 175,272. This alone misrepresents US Census numbers in the Gibson legislation.

Between April 1, 2000 and July 1, 2006, Anson County’s population grew by 197 people.

Between April 1, 2000 and July 1, 2006, Union County’s population grew by 51,595 people. Union County’s growth alone represents more than twice the total population of all of Anson County.

Anson County issued 60 building permits in year 2005.
Union County issued 3,972 building permits in year 2005.

The median household income, 2004 in Anson County was $29,320.
The median household income, 2004 in Union County was $56,218.

What has Rep. Pryor Gibson done in the NC General Assembly in his more than sixteen years of service or as Chairman of the Anson County Democrat Party Chairman to reduce the flight of the Anson County graduated high school and college talent? What has happened to any expanding economy in Anson County? Are these economic failures due to the leadership? Anson County has great people, great natural resources, and other advantages. I know Anson County. I was born in Wadesboro, raised in the Burnsville community, and graduated from Anson High. Anson County and Union County’s citizens deserve more than what they are getting from District 69 representation. When will they change? It is their choice.

Which facts as represented would you choose to live? Why should Union County voters choose to change their election of commissioners from five to seven if each voter is to be allowed to vote for only three out of seven commissioners (one by district and two at large) rather than all? Each voter in Union County would lose a majority of their representation on the UC Commission. Anson County may choose to change and allow all their voters to vote for all their representatives on the Commission. A different elective system, representation, and/or political party in Anson County may lead to a more aggressive economic growth for its people.

If some in the City of Monroe, NC wants district representation on the UC County Commission, why do they not propose district representation on the Monroe City Council denying all their citizens in Monroe the right to vote on all its representatives? Will the voters in the City of Monroe choose a local government based on a split district elective system?

If some in the Town of Marshville, NC wants representation on the UC Commission, why do they not propose district representation on the Town of Marshville Town Council denying all its citizens on Marshville the right to vote on all its representatives. Will the voters in the Town of Marshville choose a local government based on a split district elective system?

The strength of America’s system of our Democratic Republic, as in our livelihood, is based on the two party system. Its longevity continues to breathe on that process. The two party system is a compass within each political party and their political platform within. Turning politics into non-partisan elections bleeds much of the blood from its living existence.


Oscar Y. Harward

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