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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Monday, June 30, 2008

You're A Republican???

The following article was written by George J. Esseff, Sr., Westlake Village, CA and purchased as an advertisement in the NY Times. Mr. Esseff has authorized me to reprint/republish his article. The article may be verified @ http://www.snopes.com:80/politics/soapbox/whatiam.asp

A great article to celebrate during America’s Birthday season of July 4, 2008. Thank you, George J. Esseff, Sr. for authorizing all Americans to read this article.

In today’s America, ask a growing number of high school and college students; their teachers and professors; the self-anointed media elite and/or hard working men and women of all ethnicities, the question, “What is a Republican?”, and you’ll be told “… a rich, greedy, egotistical individual, motivated only by money and the desire to accumulate more and more of it, at the expense of the environment … the working poor ….and all whom they exploit…”

I am a Republican … I am none of those things… and I don’t know any Republicans who are.

WHAT I AM … first and foremost, is a loving husband of some 52 plus years, the father of four and an American who’s proud of his country… and his country’s heritage.

WHAT I AM … is the grandson of immigrants who risked everything, including their lives and those of their children, to escape tyranny in search of freedom.

WHAT I AM … is a man who grew up during the Depression and witnessed, first hand, the effects of the Stock Market crash and the soup lines that followed. I watched as both my parents and grand parents, who had very little themselves, share what food they had with a half dozen other families, who had even less.

WHAT I AM … is someone who worked his way through college by holding down three and four jobs at a time and then used that education to build a better life.

WHAT I AM … is a husband who, at age 24, started his own business for the “privilege” of working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week, risking everything I had, including my health, in search of a better life for myself and my loved ones.

WHAT I AM … is a businessman whose blood, sweat and tears…. and plenty of them…, made it possible for me to provide a secure living, not only for my family and myself, but also for literally hundreds of my employees throughout the years. Employees, who in turn, were able to buy their own homes, raise their own families and give back to their communities and their country.

WHAT I AM … is a man who believes in God; a God who has blessed this country… and all for which it stands.

WHAT I AM … is someone who knows, if you doubt miracles exist in today’s world, you need only to look into the face of those who received them … and the eyes of those who give them.

WHAT I AM … is an American who’s proud that his President embraces a belief in God; proud of a President who understands, as “politically incorrect” as it may be, there is evil in this world and for the security and safety of all freedom loving people everywhere, it must be confronted… and it must be defeated.

WHAT I AM … is an American who takes comfort in the knowledge that our President refuses to allow decisions concerning the very safety and security of this nation, to be governed by the political whims of foreign governments.

WHAT I AM … is tired of hearing from leading Democrats who see only negativity in America; racism in her people; class warfare in her society and “political incorrectness” in her character.

WHAT I AM … is a former democrat who now understands that it is the soldier and not the reporter that guarantees us our freedoms of press, speech and dissent.

WHAT I AM … is a man who believes in the sanctity of life. A man who is repulsed by the pandering of the political left for votes, at the expense of the unborn.

WHAT I AM … is a husband and father who believes in the sanctity of marriage and the preservation of the family unit.

WHAT I AM … is a movie go-er who is repulsed by those insecure, socially inept, elementary thinking, ego-inflated “entertainers” who have appointed themselves “experts” in the fields of national security and geo-politics and then use their forum to attack this nation, its leaders and its actions…. much to the delight and encouragement of our enemies.

WHAT I AM … is an American who understands the difference between “censorship” and “choice”. Evidently, these individuals do not, because when these same “celebrities” receive public ridicule for their offensive actions, the first thing they yell is “Censorship!”. What they seem incapable of understanding is… the right of free speech and dissent is shared equally by those offended… as well as those who offend. I support and will continue to support those films and performers whom I choose to … and refuse to support those I don’t. It is my right as an American … a right I will continue to enthusiastically exercise.

WHAT I AM … is a voter, tired of politicians, who, every time their voting records are subjected to public scrutiny, try to divert attention from their political and legislative failures by accusing their opponents of “attack ads” and “negative campaigning”…. and the news media who allow them to get away with it. WHAT I AM … is a Catholic who loves his God and his Faith… and who’s been taught to respect all religions whose teachings are based in love, peace and charity. As such, I am embarrassed and ashamed of those individuals, in both private and public life, whose decisions and actions are devoid of any sense of character or morals; individuals who are only driven by what’s best for them … rather than what’s right … often times at the expense of many …. including our national security.

WHAT I AM … is a realist who understands that the terrorist attack that murdered hundreds of innocent Russian children could have occurred here, in our heartland. That’s why I sincerely believe America needs now, more than ever, a President who sees with a clear and focused vision and who speaks with a voice when heard by both friend and foe alike, is understood, respected and believed.

WHAT I AM … is eternally grateful to Ronald Reagan for having the bravery to speak out against Communism and the courage of his convictions in leading the fight to defeat it; and George W. Bush for the vision, courage, conviction and leadership he has shown in America’s war on terrorism amidst both the constant and vicious, personal and political attacks both he and his family are made to endure.

WHAT I AM … is a human being, full of numerous faults and failures, but a man nonetheless, who, though not always successful, has continually strived to do “what’s right” instead of “what’s easy”. A man who is challenging the religious leaders of all faiths, to not only preach to their congregations the fundamentals of “what’s right” and “what’s wrong”, but to also then hold them accountable for their actions in both the public and private sectors.

WHAT I AM … is disgusted with the Courts who, on one hand, call the murder of a pregnant woman a “double homicide” but then refer to the abortion of her baby as, “pro-choice”.

WHAT I AM … is someone deeply troubled by a political party which embraces a candidate whose primary “leadership” qualities center around his protesting of the Vietnam war and his labeling the honorable men and women who fought in it, (50,000 of whom gave their lives in that action), as rapists, and war criminals. That same political party then stepped forward this year to block the appearance of a true Vietnam war hero, retired Admiral and former United States Senator, Jeremiah Denton, (a man who spent seven years and seven torturous months in a North Vietnam prison), from speaking before an open session of the California legislature as part of that state’s 4th of July celebration. The reason Democrats gave for refusing to allow this American hero to speak before their state legislature was because of the “conservative” nature of his views. As an American, that troubles me deeply ….as well it should you.

WHAT I AM … is a man who feels the need to spend, $104, 655.60,(tax paid) of his own money, to purchase this advertisement, in order to set the story straight. Some may say this money would have been better spent feeding the world’s poor. At the risk of sounding self-serving, as an American and as a Republican, for the last six decades of my life, I have done exactly that… and more. Following the examples of my parents and grand parents, I have used my earnings to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, provide housing for the elderly and medical care for the sick….. and continue to do so… and I’m not alone in that work.

WHAT I AM … is someone who is paying for this announcement, at my sole expense, in hopes of opening the eyes of those led blindly by ill-informed elements of our great nation, who, through either ignorance, or malicious intent, repeatedly attack and belittle those of us who belong to a political party that holds true to the belief, “… the rights of the governed, exceed the power of the government”. For those interested, I am speaking only as a tax-paying individual who is in no way associated with The Republican National Committee, nor with any of its directors, or delegates.

WHAT I AM … is a man who understands, “the American way of life” is a message of self-empowerment for all.

WHAT I AM … is an American who is grateful that our nation gives each of us the opportunity of self-determination and the right to benefit from the fruits of self achievement.

WHAT I AM … is an American who wants to preserve that way of life for all who seek it.

WHAT I AM … is blessed to be an American…. and proud to be Republican.

George J. Esseff, Sr.
Westlake Village, CA

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SCOTUS - Baker v. Carr – UC Commission

There seems to be a continued effort to expand or not to expand the Union County Board of Commissioners. Some seem to think that any community may choose as to what their own neighborhood may, or may not be.

Folks, it is not that easy. Marshville may not have their own District, just because they feel they are not represented, and/or to be not represented by a minority. Minority representation in all of Union County is now approximately 10% or less. As of today, and somewhat of residents by geography, you will find an overwhelming majority of Union County residents live on the West side of our county. I continue to say there is no way to build a minority District which can be approved by the US Justice Department. Union County is still covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

Mentally, picture NC Hwy. 200, starting at the South Carolina line, go somewhat North into the City of Monroe, NC, and then go from Monroe North on US Hwy. 601 to the Cabarrus County line. You will see some 40% of geography land on the West side of the referenced line while 60% of the geography land on the East side. Now on the West side of Union County which takes up some 40% of the land, you will find some 60% to 70% residents within that area. That leaves some 30% to 40% residing on the East side of the referenced line taking on some 60% of the land. The West side of Union County is more heavily residential, while the East side of Union County is more open farming.

On March 26, 1962, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) issued a ruling (Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186) which ordered elected districts will be by equal residents.

District Representation on any elective Board at the State level or below will be to equally represent (+ or – 10%) the number of residents within any designated District. District Representation by geography, rather than by the number of residents is illegal. I point this out to illustrate to all Union County voters that any District Representation will mandate more representation to the Western side of Union County, while the East side will be mandated to represent less.

I merely ask that any District Representation, if legislated, be written by the NC General Assembly to comply with a system requiring any District Representative to reside within any defined District. Please, allow all registered voters within Union County to vote on all candidates in all Districts. Union County does not need any system of voting which will oppose our voters from voting for all our UC Commissioners. Anson County Commissioners have a system which disallows its voters to vote for any majority. While I grew up in Anson County and have many family and friends there, I do feel like their representation is one quandary which restricts their growth in education and their county’s economy.

Oil Prices & Availability v. Wheat

The wannabee President team of Reid/Pelosi and even Democrat Party Presidential nominee Barack Obama continue to say “NO” to oil exploration, although our gasoline prices are above $4.00/gallon and going higher. President Bush is now asking for legislation to allow for drilling for oil offshore. The Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to say “NO, NO, NO”.

It is becoming so apparent the only reason for their decision is to destroy America’s economy and blame George Bush. Do the Democrats on Capitol Hill hate America to the point that they will destroy America and help the Islamic Arab nations of Iran, Syria, and the terrorists in Iran and Afghanistan? The Democrats may blame President Bush, but American voters must not allow the Democrat Party to get away with that position as they destroy our US economy.

Due to higher gasoline cost to consumers, you can feel it, you can smell it, you can taste it, you can hear it, and you can see it; the American economy is going down. There are less people eating in restaurants, there are less folks purchasing goods at the “Mom & Pops” local stores in our own communities. There are less Americans purchasing goods, even at Wal-Mart. American consumers lack the ability to purchase otherwise smaller items, not to mention the big items such as appliances, automobiles, and others in between. American consumers are being economically squeezed, just because of the cost of gasoline. Americans are being stretched out of their budgets by the ever-increasing cost of oil and gasoline!

As we approach the end of our 3rd. quarter, the economical results for Americans will show up as a downward trend, showing a turndown in our US economy. As the General Election approaches, you will see the Democrat Party leaders blaming George Bush, when in fact, the actual downturn cause is at the feet of the Democrats on Capitol Hill, and it is all over the escalating cost of gasoline. Costs of all the goods are increasing in the marketplace are increasing, just because of the price of gasoline. Jobs are being lost, just because the consumers lack the resources to purchase normal products, thus leaving the services and manufactured products unsold. For that, we the American voter, can say “thank you, but no thank you” on November 4, 2008 to the Democrat leaders and their following on Capitol Hill.
The cure is for America to drill and capture our own “known oil reserves”. Capturing “known oil reserves” can reduce oil and gasoline prices, make our government “oil independent” from OPEC nations, and rectify an error for our entire citizens and our economy. Recent reports now show America has more oil reserves than the entire Arab nations combined. The majority Democrats know this, so why will they not vote “YES”, just for retaining current jobs and creating new jobs; all for our economy for everyone? Why do the Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to cost American jobs over the cost of gasoline and oil?

Barack Obama has voted “NO”, “NO”, “NO” on additional exploration. How many times has most other Democrats voted “NO”? With drilling, extracting, and refining oil, the USA may be able to become “oil independent” from the OPEC nations. Sen. Obama talks about the United States becoming “oil independent”, yet he votes against additional drilling in all “known oil reserves”. His spoken words versus his true action “votes” in the US Senate are “despicable”. Why not vote “YES” to drilling for “known oil reserves” to protect our citizens, their jobs, and our entire US economy?

Are the Democrats on Capitol Hill now attempting to steal the issue of escalating oil and gasoline prices? The solution of lower oil and gasoline prices is awaiting their own political votes of “YES” to drilling for “known oil reserves” to be captured?

Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to say that drilling, extracting, and refining oil is not the answer to bring down the prices of gasoline. That is just not true!

If one farmer has 1 million bushels of wheat, and there is a demand for 1.5 million bushels of wheat, the one farmer can sell it at about any price he demands. If, all of a sudden, two additional farmers show up with 1 million bushels of wheat each, and the same total demand is of 1.5 million bushels, the prices of wheat comes down. We now have three farmers to sell a total of 3 million bushels of wheat. All three farmers are trying to market their own wheat where only 1.5 million bushels will be sold and/or purchased. The price of wheat is lowered so as each may sell wheat.

The bottom line is that the controlled cost of gasoline and oil has now become a quandary of National Security. We must “drill now”.

On November 4, 2008 American voters must remember to vote “NO” to the Democrats on Capitol Hill, just as the Democrats vote “NO” on drilling designed for new oil supplies. New gas and oil availability will reduce gasoline and oil prices and other consumer prices; therefore, saving existing jobs as well as new jobs for our US economy. We can and must save our American economy! American voters, it is in your hands. God Bless America!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Al Gore v. The Myth Of Global Warming

(The following remarks were authored by my son, Michael Y. Harward. He had presented me the authority to publish and/or reproduce this commentary.)

Mr. Gore, I do not believe there is such a thing as man-made global warming. I do not think globe warming is provable, being that we only have data for a fraction of the time the earth has been in existence. Furthermore, I do not think anyone knows the optimal climate for any part of our globe. Maybe the earth is too cool and needs to correct itself.

But the most compelling reason I do not believe in the man-made global warming crisis is that you must do not either. As far as I know, and according to media reports, you still live in a house that is far larger than necessary; you still jet around the country in private aircraft; and once at your destination, you move with a fleet of SUVs.

Most of “the people” are making major lifestyle changes to accommodate the very real energy crises caused by this myth, some far worse than others. Some Americans are eating out less, not going to movies, or participating in other activities that keep the economy going. Still, other Americans in Dover, TN for example, are lining up at soup lines by the hundreds because they can not afford to drive to their jobs and/or buy adequate food for their families.

Worse still, the farce of biofuels has taken a significant amount of soybeans and corn out of the food market. That has caused the price of corn to skyrocket. People in third world countries are actually starving because of the cost of buying and transporting staples like corn and rice has now become out of reach, literally.

Mr. former Vice President, I don’t believe that you can honestly say you believe that we are in a climate crisis when you will not even fly commercial, while others in the world are, in fact, starving to death in the wake of your movement.

The global warming zealots have made sure that we can not drill for our own oil; we have to use our crops to make fuels that are far less efficient than conventional sources; and we can not use one of the cleanest, most efficient forms of energy, nuclear power.

Most of the elite leaders of this movement will say, “We by carbon offsets” (whatever that is). That seems to be a convenient excuse not making even a slight lifestyle change. Is there any such thing as “ego offset?” – Michael Y. Harward, Commentator

Oscar Y. Harward

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Obama - Trying Out A New Message?

Barack Obama is trying out a new message? Is that what he is doing? It is a fact that his older message is being rejected. Americans are also rejecting Obama’s first appointments, Eric Holder, as one assisting Obama as recommending his Vice Presidential nominee. Holder has a very shady and/or somewhat corrupt background. According to published reports, Eric Holder played a key role in the very dirty pardon of fugitive Marc Rich, who fled America to avoid 48 million dollars of tax evasion, 48 counts of racketeering, and operating illegal oil deals with Iran, while Americans were being held hostage in Iran. President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich at the recommendation of Eric Holder. But then, Marc Rich’s wife allegedly spent the night(s) in the Clinton White House, whatever that means. Oh, it is not just Obama. It is Obama and a majority of our Democrats on Capitol Hill who need a new message; a message to help America, our economy, and its entire people.

Our economy is on the minds of most all Americans. The foremost issue at hand is the price of gasoline. Obama, along with almost all of Washington, DC Capitol Democrats have time and time again voted to deny drilling for additional known oil established finds. At the same time, almost all Republicans vote for drilling for additional known oil, in an effort to make more gasoline readily available at reduced prices.

We, in America, have much known oil fields in ANWAR, offshore, and in many other states within our continual United States. All we have to do is drill, remove, and refine it. Gasoline prices of today are hurting our American economy by costing jobs in the workplace, whether they are employed with a “mom & pops” community store, or in the larger manufacturing plants. The escalating prices of gasoline are causing increased prices in food and every other product which requires gasoline and/or fuel oil in transportation getting the goods to the market.

Drilling and extracting new oil resources will make America independent of the OPEC nations and their product. Drilling and extracting new oil resources will restore and create new jobs for Americans.

America can blame Obama and his majority Democrats in the US Senate for the escalating prices of gasoline, attempting to destroy our whole economy. Working citizens and seniors are left without the financial resources to purchase gasoline to purchase food, as well as other necessities such as Healthcare, and additional supplies. Every time Americans go to purchase gasoline, and look at the escalating prices, they should thank the Liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill.

How high does the price of gasoline have to reach for the Democrats on Capitol Hill to start voting to allow American oil companies to drill for new oil, thus deciding that the American consumer needs the immediate help? Florida’s two US Senators allow China and Cuba to drill for oil closer to Florida than American oil companies are allowed. When will Americans recognize that the problem with the price of gasoline lies at the feet of Capitol Hill Democrats? When will Capitol Hill Democrats help the American economy, creating jobs for our populace consumers, by added gasoline more available at a reduced cost effective price of gasoline? It seems the Democrats’ only solution to the escalating cost of gasoline is to tax the oil companies. Taxing the oil companies will merely add more cost to gasoline! Every business increases their product(s) anytime the cost of production increases.

Almost all Republicans on Capitol Hill realize the escalating cost of gasoline is crushing the budgets in every home for absolute necessities of life such as food, shelter, healthcare, etc. It is as if Barack Obama and most Democrats on Capitol Hill do not even care about our economy and/or our society, so long as they can blame President Bush.

Yes, Obama and the Democrats on Capitol Hill need a new message; a message on morality, a message on ethics, a message on true all-American leadership, and a message for a growing economy.

God Bless America!

Oscar Y. Harward