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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

SCOTUS - Baker v. Carr – UC Commission

There seems to be a continued effort to expand or not to expand the Union County Board of Commissioners. Some seem to think that any community may choose as to what their own neighborhood may, or may not be.

Folks, it is not that easy. Marshville may not have their own District, just because they feel they are not represented, and/or to be not represented by a minority. Minority representation in all of Union County is now approximately 10% or less. As of today, and somewhat of residents by geography, you will find an overwhelming majority of Union County residents live on the West side of our county. I continue to say there is no way to build a minority District which can be approved by the US Justice Department. Union County is still covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

Mentally, picture NC Hwy. 200, starting at the South Carolina line, go somewhat North into the City of Monroe, NC, and then go from Monroe North on US Hwy. 601 to the Cabarrus County line. You will see some 40% of geography land on the West side of the referenced line while 60% of the geography land on the East side. Now on the West side of Union County which takes up some 40% of the land, you will find some 60% to 70% residents within that area. That leaves some 30% to 40% residing on the East side of the referenced line taking on some 60% of the land. The West side of Union County is more heavily residential, while the East side of Union County is more open farming.

On March 26, 1962, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) issued a ruling (Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186) which ordered elected districts will be by equal residents.

District Representation on any elective Board at the State level or below will be to equally represent (+ or – 10%) the number of residents within any designated District. District Representation by geography, rather than by the number of residents is illegal. I point this out to illustrate to all Union County voters that any District Representation will mandate more representation to the Western side of Union County, while the East side will be mandated to represent less.

I merely ask that any District Representation, if legislated, be written by the NC General Assembly to comply with a system requiring any District Representative to reside within any defined District. Please, allow all registered voters within Union County to vote on all candidates in all Districts. Union County does not need any system of voting which will oppose our voters from voting for all our UC Commissioners. Anson County Commissioners have a system which disallows its voters to vote for any majority. While I grew up in Anson County and have many family and friends there, I do feel like their representation is one quandary which restricts their growth in education and their county’s economy.

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