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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oil Prices & Availability v. Wheat

The wannabee President team of Reid/Pelosi and even Democrat Party Presidential nominee Barack Obama continue to say “NO” to oil exploration, although our gasoline prices are above $4.00/gallon and going higher. President Bush is now asking for legislation to allow for drilling for oil offshore. The Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to say “NO, NO, NO”.

It is becoming so apparent the only reason for their decision is to destroy America’s economy and blame George Bush. Do the Democrats on Capitol Hill hate America to the point that they will destroy America and help the Islamic Arab nations of Iran, Syria, and the terrorists in Iran and Afghanistan? The Democrats may blame President Bush, but American voters must not allow the Democrat Party to get away with that position as they destroy our US economy.

Due to higher gasoline cost to consumers, you can feel it, you can smell it, you can taste it, you can hear it, and you can see it; the American economy is going down. There are less people eating in restaurants, there are less folks purchasing goods at the “Mom & Pops” local stores in our own communities. There are less Americans purchasing goods, even at Wal-Mart. American consumers lack the ability to purchase otherwise smaller items, not to mention the big items such as appliances, automobiles, and others in between. American consumers are being economically squeezed, just because of the cost of gasoline. Americans are being stretched out of their budgets by the ever-increasing cost of oil and gasoline!

As we approach the end of our 3rd. quarter, the economical results for Americans will show up as a downward trend, showing a turndown in our US economy. As the General Election approaches, you will see the Democrat Party leaders blaming George Bush, when in fact, the actual downturn cause is at the feet of the Democrats on Capitol Hill, and it is all over the escalating cost of gasoline. Costs of all the goods are increasing in the marketplace are increasing, just because of the price of gasoline. Jobs are being lost, just because the consumers lack the resources to purchase normal products, thus leaving the services and manufactured products unsold. For that, we the American voter, can say “thank you, but no thank you” on November 4, 2008 to the Democrat leaders and their following on Capitol Hill.
The cure is for America to drill and capture our own “known oil reserves”. Capturing “known oil reserves” can reduce oil and gasoline prices, make our government “oil independent” from OPEC nations, and rectify an error for our entire citizens and our economy. Recent reports now show America has more oil reserves than the entire Arab nations combined. The majority Democrats know this, so why will they not vote “YES”, just for retaining current jobs and creating new jobs; all for our economy for everyone? Why do the Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to cost American jobs over the cost of gasoline and oil?

Barack Obama has voted “NO”, “NO”, “NO” on additional exploration. How many times has most other Democrats voted “NO”? With drilling, extracting, and refining oil, the USA may be able to become “oil independent” from the OPEC nations. Sen. Obama talks about the United States becoming “oil independent”, yet he votes against additional drilling in all “known oil reserves”. His spoken words versus his true action “votes” in the US Senate are “despicable”. Why not vote “YES” to drilling for “known oil reserves” to protect our citizens, their jobs, and our entire US economy?

Are the Democrats on Capitol Hill now attempting to steal the issue of escalating oil and gasoline prices? The solution of lower oil and gasoline prices is awaiting their own political votes of “YES” to drilling for “known oil reserves” to be captured?

Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to say that drilling, extracting, and refining oil is not the answer to bring down the prices of gasoline. That is just not true!

If one farmer has 1 million bushels of wheat, and there is a demand for 1.5 million bushels of wheat, the one farmer can sell it at about any price he demands. If, all of a sudden, two additional farmers show up with 1 million bushels of wheat each, and the same total demand is of 1.5 million bushels, the prices of wheat comes down. We now have three farmers to sell a total of 3 million bushels of wheat. All three farmers are trying to market their own wheat where only 1.5 million bushels will be sold and/or purchased. The price of wheat is lowered so as each may sell wheat.

The bottom line is that the controlled cost of gasoline and oil has now become a quandary of National Security. We must “drill now”.

On November 4, 2008 American voters must remember to vote “NO” to the Democrats on Capitol Hill, just as the Democrats vote “NO” on drilling designed for new oil supplies. New gas and oil availability will reduce gasoline and oil prices and other consumer prices; therefore, saving existing jobs as well as new jobs for our US economy. We can and must save our American economy! American voters, it is in your hands. God Bless America!

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crazyideas said...

Dear writer,
I was looking for changes in wheat incurred by changes in crude oil prices, Google found your blog and this post of yours. I am so sorry for Google because you are a shame for America, You even do not distinguish Arabs from Iranians who are Persians and you want to affect American voters???? What do you know about us (IRANIAN) and how dare you call us terrorists?????
Do you know even that Alcohol you drink during your day time is found by an IRANIAN scientist?
You know nothing about us so shut your mouth and do not ever call us terrorists. I hope I am clear enough.