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Monday, August 11, 2008

NC Government - A System Of Laws Or Special Individuals?

If the story is true http://www.newsobserver.com/politics/story/1169144.html, why are Beverly Perdue associates not being investigated by NC Attorney General Roy Cooper? Why is Lt. Gov. Beverly Purdue allowing political associates to “illegally and unethically” review records and change the reported results of another state employee? If that is not bad enough, Beverly Purdue’s General Counsel was allowed to view the records of another state employee without any authority of the NC Ethics Committee or the NC General Statues.

It appears that under Beverly Perdue’s leadership, it is run (y)our government, without any NC Ethics Commission and/or NC legislated law. Government cronies are to cover by Beverly Perdue associates and their illegal activities. This would be a good time for Beverly Perdue to immediately fire Kathleen Edwards and General Counsel Will Polk, for their illegal activity of reviewing records when neither was authorized to do under NC General Statues and/or the NC Ethics Commission. Amanda Thaxton should be rehired with back pay. Furthermore, and according to the Raleigh N&O, Ms. Edwards changed the official record without any authority. For that part, it appears Beverly Perdue fails to abide by any Ethics Commission. I would bet Beverly Perdue got a report on the illegal findings.

Are NC voters considering electing a tinted candidate for NC Governor? Is this another Beverly Perdue cover-up, whom it seems to do as you please, and we will cover up the illegalities.

NC AG Roy Cooper should join forces with Auditor Les Merritt now, to fully investigate, and indict Beverly Perdue and others, if these findings appear true. Our US Attorney should join in. Is Beverly Perdue running an old German Gastope? Based on the N&O reports, Beverly Perdue and/or her associates may belong in jail, rather than in any open Democratic Republic system of government.

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