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Friday, September 5, 2008

Capitol Hill Democrats Support Iran, Libya, Venezuela, & Russia

We just got a report, via the media, that our US unemployment has increased from 5.7% to 6.1% as employers slashed 84,000 jobs in August. It was the eighth month in a row employers cut payroll. Gasoline and oil prices are the culprit and Democrats on Capitol Hill are the cause, and seem to not care. The real issue is with high gasoline prices, some businesses are being pressed to cut back on production as consumers are being forced to cut back on budgets; all because of high gasoline prices. As businesses cut back due to high gasoline prices, consumers too, are forced to delay and/or cancel purchases because of high gasoline prices, and vise-versa. These cutbacks lead to losses in consumer jobs. When will the Democrats on Capitol Hill take responsibility, and allow for additional drilling for oil in known oil areas, rather than blaming others?

As the economy goes down, jobs are going down, and with that, gasoline prices are declining. American consumers should not be comfortable just because gasoline prices are at $3.00/gal. Gasoline prices must be lowered even more, for an expanding American economy.

Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to ‘punish’ American consumers. Democrats on Capitol Hill are directly responsible for our job losses, as well as new jobs, due to the prices of gasoline. Gasoline prices are tearing at the family budget, including their homes, their existing jobs, as well as new jobs. Consumers are forced to add on more credit card debt, just to meet their own requirements. High prices of gasoline have lead to the cost increases of food, healthcare, and other necessities in life. The ability to purchase gasoline is even putting pressure on people with fixed incomes, just to attend their house of worship When will America and the main stream media blame the Democrat Party for high gasoline prices? When will the Liberal media inform the American consumers that additional drilling for oil in newer oil reserves is the answer, or is the Liberal media also a part of the problem?

The Democrats on Capitol Hill apparently enjoy robbing our own American consumers’ pocketbook, even if it breaks your personal budget, cost you your job, even lose your own home, rather than solving the real problem; the high cost of gasoline. Then, these Democrats want to blame the Republicans. Just how stupid do the Democrats believe the American voters are? How long will the Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to punish the American consumers?

Our American oil companies are attempting to ascertain US Government permission to drill where our government knows has been scientifically identified where more oil is most likely. The Democrats are attempting to force American oil companies to drill again, and again, in the same old areas, even though these areas are dry, and/or unprofitable. Finding, extracting, and refining oil for gasoline will preserve the family budgets, including their own home, our existing jobs, create new jobs; rebuilding our entire US economy. We must vote all Democrats who are destroying our US economy, out of each and every office up for election. Americans deserve a better life. One of the wrongful decisions by the Democrats on Capitol Hill is a fact that Cuba and China are allowed to drill for oil closer to the State of Florida than American oil companies are allowed. Are the Democrats on Capitol Hill supporting the Cuban and Chinese economy over our own American economy? You decide!

Many candidate Democrats all across America are now running advertisements comparing the cost of gasoline today versus the gasoline cost when the Republican Congressional incumbents, State Elected Officials, and/or President Bush were elected. The real solution is that if all of these Democrat candidates are concerned about your consumer cost of gasoline, saving your own home, saving jobs, and expanding new jobs, then each would go to Capitol Hill and demand their own fellow Democrats to authorize new drilling for oil NOW. When you analyze the Democrats who are purchasing advertisements based on the cost of gasoline, they are suggesting the Republican Party Candidates are responsible. Does the consumers fail to remember it was the Democrats; specifically Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, whom themselves, issued Executive Orders to deny additional drilling for oil in additional oil reserves, here in America, inland as well as offshore.

Republican Party leaders on Capitol Hill have legislation ready to be voted on to allow American oil companies to drill for more oil in scientifically proven oil rich areas. The Reid/Pelosi Democrat team on Capitol Hill refuses to allow and ‘Up or Down’ vote on this legislation. This approved legislation would lead to more oil availability and lower gasoline prices, and more existing jobs; enhancing our American economy.

For the Capitol Hill Democrat to continue to ‘punish’ the American consumers is just another way for these Democrats to support the economic issues of anti-American governments as Iran, Libya,
Venezuela, Russia, etc. Our elected officials should be supporting our own American oil companies and our own American economy.

The solution is to drill now, offshore and/or inland. For me, a more immediate relief is preferably to drill in ANWR using the existing pipeline which is currently being used at some 30% efficiency. It is as simple as that if we located another 2,000, acres filled with gold to be mined, the price of gold would immediately come down. The same applies to oil and gasoline.

We now have a leading advocate for drilling for additional oil and our American economy in Sarah Palin as a Republican candidate for Vice President. With her election, America will see lower gasoline prices. God Bless America!

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