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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obama's controlled price of gasoline!

Has President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats found “cash cows” in oil-producing nations? 
Inasmuch as President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats refuse to allow Americans to drill for oil and gasoline in “proven finds”, then to retrieve, refine, and market (y)our own oil and gasoline to become “energy independent”, there must be Democrat Party donor/business “cash cows” in Islamic Muslin nations. 
We must continue to follow the money.

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