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Friday, February 24, 2012

Union County, NC’s “illegal and unauthorized expansion” of NC General Statues must be stopped

If a farmer goes into the local Union County, NC Government Center and asked (y)our UC government employee(s) how to purchase a parking space on his/her own farm, it would be the “civil and legal responsibility” for the government employee(s) to tell the farmer(s) that they have no jurisdiction to sell parking spaces under NC General Statues “Agricultural law”.

In Union County, NC government, this is a scenario of an “expanded and illegal jurisdiction” within our UC government and what overburdened some UC farmers. It is clear under NC General Statutes that local governments have “no jurisdiction” relating to farms. Without any additional “expanded and legal jurisdiction”, UC government department employee(s) sold permits to farmers “without any legal authority” under law. Based on these transactions, government officials now declare that these “unauthorized sell and purchase of permits” governs in the future under their power; not law. This government determination has no basis on any NC General Statute support(s).

UC government intervention on farmers may be “illegal and unauthorized”, itself, under NC General Statutes, our US Constitution, and/or US Code. Protecting farmers’ rights based on law(s) are mandatory to continue our “food chain”.

UC government’s employee(s) “legal and appropriate decision” should have been for government employees to tell the farmer(s) was that he/she/they did not need a permit as clearly defined by NC General Statutes.

This government employee(s) cancerous act grows deeper. Based on that “expanded and illegal transaction”, Union County, NC government has decided that these rules, “not laws”, and all similar instances are sheltered under their jurisdiction. There is “no law” in NC General Statues “Agricultural law”, or anywhere else, to defend Union County, NC’s governments “expanded and illegal” actions. UC government’s decision supersedes NC General Statues, our US Constitution, and/or US Code. It appears Union County Government is merely just making their own rules, not laws, as and when they choose.

This “Editorial” is a follow-up to a previous “Editorial” dated December 22, 2011, “What NC General Statute(s) “empowers” Union County to “supersede” NCGS Agricultural legislation?. This and the aforementioned “Editorial” was submitted via E-mail to each UC Commissioner as well as to associates in the Medias.

U.S. Sen. Steve Symms (R-ID) once said, "Those who cannot afford to sue currently have no protection of their property rights if they come in conflict with a regulation." Sen. Symms words certainly apply to UC government’s “illegal and unauthorized expansion” of NC General Statues, our US Constitution, and/or US Code.

Has this “illegal and unauthorized expansion” of UC government overreached a point as to when UC government may decide to shut down row crop farmers, cattle farmers, chicken farmers and/or turkey farmers in UC by additional “expanded and illegal” activities that supersede the current NC General Statues, our US Constitution, and/or US Code? All of our farmers must be protected under the law(s).

Union County citizens may have reached a point where and when “we, the citizens, must request” the US Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and/or other investigative federal authorities to scrutinize these associated staff and  employee(s) actions based on “illegal and unauthorized expansions” in NC General Statues, our US Constitution, and/or US Code.

“All government authorities” who, as participants, are found to be guilty of exaggerating any “expanded and illegal jurisdiction” within our UC government and beyond the law should be fired and/or imprisoned. Our farmers’ personal civil rights must not be violated by any “out-of-control” Union County, NC government.

The NC Bar and/or the American Bar Association must examine the “potential faulty legal counsel” of these “illegal and unauthorized expansions” in Union County, NC. The question remains as to why UC government lawyers choose to “violate and supersede” NC General Statue, our US Constitution, and/or US Code on some farmers? Even a lawyer or a group of lawyers are not allowed to just “make up” a law!

An old West Virginia Hillbilly says, “You cannot get the water to clear up until you get the pigs out of the creek.” This issue must not die. Major corrections on these issues are imminent. It is “past time” for Union County government officials to clear the water.

Part of the U.S. Junior Chamber (Jaycee) Creed: “…That government should be of laws rather than of men;…” 

Some Union County, NC government officials seem to practice that government is administered on individuals, rather than based on the law(s). This “expanded and illegal jurisdiction”  practice must be corrected immediately.

Oscar Y. Harward

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