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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Furious about ‘Fast and Furious’

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The Right is all abuzz and rightfully outraged about what should be considered President Obama’s Watergate moment. Obama’s attempt at a complicated gun control gimmick and propaganda effort blew up in his face and has unleashed a myriad of unforeseen consequences.

The recent claim by the administration of ‘Executive Privilege’ to stonewall congressional inquiries into this momentous disaster that unfolded under the supervision of his own Attorney General. A great many writers are weighing into the fight with fists flying. Below are just a couple of examples of the righteous outrage and justified indignation being expressed all over the net.

“Let’s tell it like it is; the purpose of Fast and Furious, the true purpose, was to spread American-sold guns amongst criminals and narco-terrorists in hopes that many crimes would be committed with them, and the serial numbers would trace to American gun stores– and then the left could argue more strongly in favor of gun control.” ~ David Perkins


“Fast and Furious has led to the deaths of hundreds. Two US government employees, one a border patriol agent, another a state department agent, have been killed by the weapons. Over 200 mexican citizen deaths have been tied to the weapons, but in a country where 50,000 have died in the drug wars over the last 3-4 years, you can bet that number is probably much higher. If you or I illegally sold a gun to someone who we knew was a criminal, and then that person used that gun to kill, we would be charged as accomplices and accessories in the crime. Felony charges. Eric Holder and his staff are guilty of this type of crime IMHO…and it is appearing more and more like Obama was informed and perhaps approved making him equally culpable. This type of reveleation is what they are so desperately trying to hide. For these crimes…and others too numerous to list here, they both deserve to be in prison.” – Jeff Head


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