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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank you, Sen. Berger for your leadership

By Oscar Y. Harward 

N.C. Senate President Pro-tem Phil Berger doesn’t need me in defense of erroneous charges; however, may I offer my observation? 

Sen. Phil Berger, a majority of the GOP majority NC General Assembly does support Voter ID, a process to stop and/or prevent Voter fraud. 

Voter fraud is a problem as each counterfeit vote actually diminishes every voter’s rights, and voter fraud does not characterize the skin color of the fraudulent voter(s).     Free and open voting elections are one of the most precious freedoms under our Constitution.  Voter fraud is a Constitutional violation of one of our freedoms; an open election by qualified voters to have their votes entirely counted.  Based on political polls in NC, upwards of 70% to 80% of our citizens support Voter ID legislation. 

All education in NC is one of the most important activities, be it be public, private, church, charter, home, or otherwise.  Collecting National Education Association’s (NEA) Labor Unions dues is not and should not be any responsibility of NC Government. 

Public Education results have been declining for years all across the USA.  For many years, the USA ruled the world in education our children.  Not so any more.  Labor Unions in education are and have continued to downgrade our public education in our children.  With 56 nations tested, the USA finished number 30.  Based on the National Center for Education Statistics, and with 8th graders with MA having the highest score of 299, DC having the lowest score of 260, NC finished in 22nd place scoring 286. 

Sen. Berger and almost all others believe teachers’ pay must be associated on evaluations  with educational results; not just on tenure. 

NC is blessed with Right-to Work laws which allow workers to join a Labor Union if they choose, but does not require Labor Union membership to any.  Labor Unions have demanded more wages, salaries, and benefits in the private sector that have required many businesses to relocate or close. 

In NC, everyone in need of healthcare is allowed to receive help as necessary in the private sector or the public sector.  As a patient with failing health, NC and the USA have the best healthcare system in the entire world. 

Again, Thank you Sen. Phil Berger for your leadership.

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