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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Monday, November 11, 2013

Has the GOP outlived its’ political life as a ‘social-issue’ Conservative Party

By Oscar Y. Harward


Has the time arrived for a new political party with ‘genuine’ Conservative values on ‘social, fiscal, and National Security’ issues to replace the nationwide Republican Party?  Are RINO Republicans joining the Democrat Party on more and more spending?  When does the ‘out-of-control’ ‘deficit spending’ end?  Is the RNC leadership and Capitol Hill Republican Party splitting  the Republican Party; Conservatives v. Moderates?


Will a ‘new’ national ‘Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party’, a ‘Conservative Party’, or some other named political party replace the disconnected ‘Republican ‘RINO’ Party’?  Tens of Millions of Americans are crying out for a political party that will support ‘social issues’ first and ‘fiscal issues’ second; in that order.  With ‘social issues’ first, the ‘fiscal issues’ will usually follow flawlessly; not necessarily so in the opposite order.


TEA Party members and supporters defend working-class Americans and businesses that create ‘new jobs’ and ‘expand existing jobs’ in the ‘private sector’.


TEA Party members and supporters seek to ‘preserve’ (y)our Social Security program, and our Medicare and Medicaid system.  TEA Party members and supporters oppose ObamaCare and seek to ‘maintain the current very best Healthcare system in the entire world’.


TEA Party members and supporters’ desire to work hard and work smart in an ‘effort to exceed in life’ while on their job(s) in providing their family’s necessities of shelter, food, other needs, and additional comforts in life.  TEA Party members and supporters accept the ‘importance to pay reasonable and sensible taxes’ rather than excessive and/or disproportionate taxes for ‘unwanted and unneeded government benefits and services’.


TEA Party members and supporters favor a Balanced-Budget Constitutional Amendment to ‘stop the excessive wasteful out-of-control spending’.


What has happened to the Republican Party guided with a GOP ‘Platform’ based on our US Constitution as founded by our Founding Fathers and established on ‘Christian values’?  Why has the RNC and the Capitol Hill Republicans walked away from our Republican National Committee’s GOP Platform and its’ ‘social values’?  Why did the RNC leadership take Republican National Committee money away from many TEA Party Republican candidates?


Why did so many Americans, and specifically Republican leaders, ignore and/or walk away from our Founding Fathers’ Constitutional freedoms that inspired our nation, and as reaffirmed in our GOP Platform?


Republican National Committee (RNC) leaders, and now the Chamber of Commerce, are rejecting Taxed Enough Party (TEA) Party Republican candidates; apparently based on ‘social issues’.  TEA Party Republican candidates are simply attempting to restore our Constitutional freedoms based on Christian values and to ‘stop-the-spending’ added upon more ‘deficit’ expenditures imminent to a taxpayers’ Credit Card; an effort to save our nation for our child(ren), their our child(ren), etc. 


Many Capitol Hill Republican ‘Moderates’, better known as RINO Republicans, now ratify ‘fiscal’ (money) issues first, with ‘social’ issues later; ‘if social issues ever come to life of day’. 


President Obama, Capitol Hill Democrats, and RINO Republicans have now voted ‘AYE’ in allowing our National Debt to exceed more than $17 Trillion; leaving each American citizen, young and old, with more than $54,000 of a ‘bloated’ federal government liability in debt to China, Saudi Arabia, and others.  How and when can this debt be paid?  Where is any play to repay this $17 Trillion, plus debt?  This mounting splurge of further spending must end, even if all government is forced to ‘shut down’ in order to ‘stop-the-spending’ of ‘deficit spending’.  The Capitol Hill Republicans must not allow President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrat to ‘bully’ Conservatives.


Has the RNC management, Capitol Hill GOP RINO Party leaders, and the US Chamber of Commerce now ‘turned left’ in ‘crossing the aisle’ to join the ‘left-wing’ ‘more spending’ Democrat Party to ‘ignore, snub, and/or reject’ Constitutional freedoms and ‘social issues’ based on ‘Christian values'?


Have we reached a timeline when ‘dedicated’ Conservatives must walk away from the National GOP leaders and legislators and vote against all ‘Liberal’ Democrats’ legislation?  Have all of our 2 political party leaders rejected our Constitutional values?  Are our ‘social issues’ as defined within our GOP Platform being ignored and/or deleted?  Oh, I am so saddened!  Republican candidates will lose many elections on these issues, but will it really matter when the Republican Party RINO legislators displays no concern in restoring our Constitutional freedoms based on Christian based ‘social’ values as exemplified by our Founding Fathers and defined in (y)our GOP Platform? 


Ronald Reagan once said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party.  It left me.”  Today, It look as if the RNC leadership and the Capitol Hill ‘RINO’ Republican Party leadership are ‘leaving’ tens of millions of Conservative Republicans away from Conservative ‘social’ issues.  Where will these ‘true’ Conservatives turn?  There must be more meaning to any leader than having an (R) placed beside a candidate’s name.  Conservatives will return to another political party that supports Conservative ‘social’ issues.


Perhaps, and sadly, the time may have arrived for many millions of us to ‘just say no’ to the GOP and any other political party until a ‘newer’ political party supporting ‘Constitutional freedoms and principles based on Christian values appear.  Has the GOP outlived its’ life?  I am tired of supporting Republican Party candidates just because they have an ‘R’ listed beside their name(s).  There must be more historical personal and political ‘treasured’ trusts and/or verifications associated to any candidate(s) than having an (R) attached to their name(s).


God Bless the USA, again!

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