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Friday, January 16, 2015

Barack Obama; Emperor of the Islamic Muslim world

By Oscar Y. Harward

President Obama appears to be building his own Islamic Muslim terrorist organization; perhaps, to become Emperor in ruling the world.  Islamic Muslims continues to say “Islam will dominate the world”.

As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, President Obama is sending our US Military into foreign nations for protecting their citizens from terrorism and preventing the expansion of terror into the USA and other countries.

Whenever necessary, it is required that our soldiers kill the enemies.  Otherwise, and whenever possible, our soldiers capture the enemy soldiers and make every legal effort to ascertain any other military intelligence from the terrorists; for further saving (y)our lives. 

Under President GW Bush’s administration, the worst captured terrorists were jailed in GITMO; a US Military prison held for Military trials.

However, it has become obvious that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder refuse to require or even allow terrorist Islam Muslins to confront Military trials.  President Obama and AG Holder oppose our Military Courts; however, as an option, these 2 choose to put these experienced war-battled terrorists to appear in US Courts or release them to other parts of the world. 

It is almost impossible for US Military officials to ever ascertain and produce the demanded evidence in Federal Courts, given that experienced foreign terrorist warriors and remote war-battled properties are compelled to bring allowed evidence into US Courts in successfully obtaining a conviction?

Military trials have forceful and uncompromising law and rules, as compared to watered-down and compromising Federal laws in US Federal Courts.

Is America and our Commander-in-Chief moving our nation to a point where our US Military officials will require attorneys to be out-front in determining the approval of any or all prior military actions?  Must these attorneys be required to build court accepted evidence in each and every case?

In response to President GW Bush and our US Military sending our TERRORIST Islamic Muslims to GITMO, President Obama is releasing these earlier captured terrorists to return and continue their terrorist-war against America as Infidels; that being to kill all Americans, Jews, and all others around the world who oppose Islam.  Here we will see our same US Military, again, facing these same terrorists’ faces.

It appears President Obama may be building an alliance with international terrorists.  Could or will Barack Obama someday become a King?  Will Islamic Muslims dominate the world?

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