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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Friday, October 2, 2015

President Obama requests; GOP’s ‘majority’ Capitol Hill legislators fund our Military and their opposition ‘Islamic’ Muslim nations, and/or terrorist groups.


By Oscar Y. Harward

The National Republican Committee (RNC) leaders and the GOP Capitol Hill leaders have led the GOP into disarray; promising certain changes; then failing to respond at the occasion.

We expect the Democrat Party to support Socialist and/or Communist issues.  Do Democrat Party voters really know the damage as the Democrat Party is destroying our Constitution and our USA?  https://occupycorporatism.com/communist-party-progressive-democrats-compliment-obamas-socialist-agendas/

How much deficit spending is too much?  Will it end?  When and how much?  Is there any number to stop the spending?  http://thehill.com/homenews/house/256455-speaker-drama-thrusts-budget-talks-into-disarray

Today, and with much disgrace, these same GOP leaders demand their continued leaderships and guidance; similar to the Democrat Party, and even after major failures.  As President Obama asks for, our Capitol Hill majority Republican Party leaders pass legislation to approve and pay for it.

2016 Republican Party Presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) often refers to the GOP leadership on Capitol Hill as a Washington ‘cartel’; and his portrayal is fitting. http://www.cruz.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=2455

Fiscally speaking, no one, other than the majority GOP Capitol Hill leaders, can blame anyone other than themselves for an exploding out-of-control deficit spending; now exceeding more than $18 Trillion dollars. http://www.usdebtclock.org/ 

Socially speaking, (y)our majority GOP House leaders refuse to protect our nation on social issues as clearly defined in the Declaration of Independence. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html

For example, on September 30, 2015, GOP House leaders led 91 Republican Party Capitol Hill House Representatives to support legislation that included funding Planned Parenthood. http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2015/roll528.xml

On October 7, GOP Senate leaders led 49 Republican Party Senators to support legislation that included funding Planned Parenthood.  2016 Republican Party Presidential candidates, Sen. Ted Cru (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voted ‘NAY’ to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) did not vote. http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=114&session=1&vote=00277

On National Security, our US Military are in multiple wars against numerous terrorist nations and groups in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  As President Obama asks, a GOP majority on Capitol Hill delivers; even funding terrorist groups who are at war with our US Military. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3249679/Syria-commander-gives-equipment-al-Qaida-affiliate.html

During the political season 2014, two of the top political issues in the Republican Party and all across America for Conservatives has been to stop an American invasion of ‘illegal’ immigrants and to defeat ObamaCare, a job-killing Socialistic or Communistic program fully supported by the Democrat Party.

During these months prior to the November 2014 General Election, Republican leaders in the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Capitol Hill Leaders including Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his team leaders, and Speaker of the House, John Boehner and his team leaders collaborated with the US Chamber of Commerce to provide millions of 2014 political money to Republican Party candidates in return of support for more ‘illegal’ immigration and other left-wing issues. https://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000019798

In June 2014, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who was one of those who pushed more ‘illegal’ immigration, was defeated at the Virginia State Convention for his Congressional reelection.  Most Conservative thought this would be an awakening to the GOP leadership from ‘WE the People’.  Even today, the RINO Republican leaders push on and refuse to listen to the majority of Conservative Republicans. http://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/eric-cantor-primary-election-results-virginia-107683

Almost all Conservative Republican Party candidates promised to stop the ‘invasion’ of illegal immigrants and defeat all legislation associated with ObamaCare as crammed down Americans’ throats by the then Democrat Party in 2009.  The American electorate responded by electing huge majorities of Republicans on Capitol Hill and in many states’ General Assemblies. http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2011/04/most-illegal-immigrant-families-collect-welfare/

With these big Republican Party wins, Capitol Hill leaders and their teams ‘betrayed’ the American voters and the promises by the Republican Party candidates; by again, rebuking ‘We the People’.

On a Sunday, October 11, 2015 national TV news, Carl Rove spoke of how speaker Boehner had worked so hard with the GOP leadership; in spending more than 200 days on the road raising money for the Republican Party.

Karl Rove and many other RINO Republicans fail to report to the American donors today is that a large percentage of the requested and donated GOP money given by contributors to various Washington based GOP leaders and/or their Political Action Committees (PACs) is being dispersed to other RINO Republican Party candidates and for the ‘defeat’ of highly qualified and great Conservative leaders in GOP ‘Primaries’ within the Republican Party. 

Never before, has the leadership of the Republican Party sought for and received so much money for the Republican Party to disperse these dollars to Moderate to Liberal Republican in an effort to defeat Conservative Republican Party candidates. http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/politics/hamby-midterms/

Yes, our Capitol Hill GOP leaders continue to betray ‘We the People’.  Only Republicans can reverse the GOP issues back to a more Conservative Republican Party. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/09/shock-poll-62-of-republicans-feel-betrayed-by-their-party-video/

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