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Monday, July 2, 2007

Allow Labor Union Members Vote On All Political Issues

H.R. 800 - (Employee Free Choice Act of 2007): A bill to amend the National Labor Relations Act to establish and efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organization efforts, and for other purposes.

“Employee Free Choice Act of 2007” is the name of this legislation. Doesn’t it sound so good? Doesn’t it sound so positive? How clever by the Democrats in our US Congress in their wordings! How misrepresentative is their wordings! On this vote #227, 49 of 50 Senate Democrats voted for closure and they question why their voters’ approval ratings are now down to the teens. Could this type of legislation be a cause as to why higher paying manufacturing jobs are leaving our communities, our states, and/or our USA; relocating to other countries? All 48 Senate Republicans voted against this unwise legislation.

Remember now, in the US Congress, this legislation is called the “Employee Free Choice Act of 2007”. What this legislation is exactly the opposite from “Free Choice” as worded in this legislation (H.R. 800). Passage of this legislation PREVENTS working employees from voting by “secret ballot” election “for or against” labor union representation.

Presently, and under current labor law, and with labor union new representation in question, each and all qualified working employees receive a card allowing each qualified employee to sign up for labor representation. Each working employee may sign, or choose not to sign, a card for labor union representation. As a majority of qualified employees sign-up for representation, an election is ordered. The employees then may vote “for or against” labor union representation by “secret ballot”. Now, that is fair. Secret ballot elections prevent intimidation from both sides of the issue.

Why do the Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill want to write and promote legislation which will deny working employees from voting on any “secret ballot” issues? Why do the Democrats leaders on Capitol Hill need to cram labor union representation down the throats of all employees whether the majority of employees choose that representation or not? Could it be that the Washington Democrats are just so out of touch with working employees? Working employees are fed up with labor union representatives who take their union dues, then refuse to listen to and/or represent employee workers’ views. Labor unions need reforming from within. Working employees want their own union dues to be specified to candidates and issues who represent their own personal views.

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