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Monday, July 9, 2007

Rep. Gibson Must Tell The Truth

Commentary: Rep. Gibson Must Tell The Truth About Elective Representation!

Some short time ago after a “formal complaint” with the NC Bar Association and by a single majority vote, the NC Bar decided to investigate Durham County, NC District Attorney Mike Nifong’s illegal and/or improper activity and/or his handing of evidence in his investigation of four Duke University Lacrosse team members who had been falsely charged for rape.

In the NC Bar v. D.A. Nifong hearing, findings were among other issues, disclosed that District Attorney Nifong did in fact falsely testify in the Durham County Courtroom to the presiding Judge. Now, Mike Nifong’s legal career and his personal life is destroyed for his illegal activity. The NC Bar is to be commended for their investigation, their finding, and their penalties.

As an analogy follow-up to that investigation, where is the NC General Assembly’s “Ethics’ Committee” concerning the improper rules, activity, and/or devious representations with Rep. Pryor Gibson (D-Anson)? While as a legislator, it seems as though he is free to do as he pleases and the Democratic Party leadership in the NC General Assembly ignores as to whether he is abiding by the Rules and/or promoting honor within the NC General Assembly.

The NC General Assembly’s Ethics’ Committee have standing complaint(s), at least one against Rep. Gibson, and the General Assembly seems not to be investigating anything. Is the Democrat majority in the NC General Assembly going to just “pass” on General Assembly ethics? Do they care so long as they are in the majority? The US Justice Department did investigate and convict Rep. Jim Black.

Now, Rep. Gibson is proposing legislation for the Union County, NC Commissioners to be elected by district as he, himself chooses, regardless of the fact that the UC Commissioners nor any of the three UC members of the NC General Assembly has ask him for help. They oppose his legislation. Furthermore and even worse, Rep. Gibson is “consciously misleading” the residents of eastern Union County that he can provide them with more representation, when in fact; any constitutional district legislation would lead to less representation. The majority of Union County residents live anywhere other than the eastern part of our county.

Why is Rep. Gibson misrepresenting the facts? Why is Rep. Gibson deceitful to the citizens of all the people; especially the honorable working people he represents in eastern Union County? When will he stop? Why not the truth on this issue, Rep. Gibson? Why?

Will or when will the NC General Assembly investigate Rep. Gibson’s false representative claims and establish the true facts? Is Rep. Gibson going to continue to pursue his illegal legislation for his own personal gain regardless of the fact that his legislation will not pass a Constitutional test? Will it take a US Department of Justice Investigation on this matter into Rep. Gibson and/or the NC General Assembly’s Ethics’ Committee to determine the facts?

Oscar Y. Harward

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