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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Democrats Decisions Are Cause Of Gasoline Prices

Do you believe Democrats on Capitol Hill looking for a compromise on escalating gasoline prices? Bull! The Reid/Pelosi leadership may be looking for a way out. Their political decisions are now reflecting their unacceptable approval poll ratings. The low approval polls now show that under the Reid/Pelosi leadership on Capitol Hill, their team has an approval rating of nine (9%) percent. Imagine, our US Senate and US Congress has a 9% approval rating of Excellent or Good; the lowest ever in our entire US history. The Reid/Pelosi team on Capitol Hill receives a 2% Excellent approval rating along with an additional 7% Good approval rating. Americans are catching on with the Poor ratings of the Reid/Pelosi Democrat team on Capitol Hill and rejecting their leadership.

The issue is the cost of gasoline. Democrats on Capitol Hill are directly responsible for our job losses, as well as new jobs, due to the prices of gasoline. Gasoline prices are tearing down the family budget, including their homes, their existing jobs, as well as new jobs. The escalating price of gasoline is leading to the cost increases of food, healthcare, and other necessities in life. It is even putting pressure with people on fixed incomes the ability to purchase gasoline, just to attend their House of Worship. American consumers are being forced to increase their limits on credit card use. When will America blame the Democrats? When will the main stream media report blame upon the Capitol Hill Democrats for escalating gasoline prices?

Our gasoline prices are now at $4.00/gallon and going higher. Fuel oil, for the Big Rigs, is approaching $5.00/gal. and increasing. Even with these escalating gasoline and fuel oil prices, the majority of Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to say NO to drilling for additional American oil, even though we, in America, have more reserves than the OPEC Middle East nations, all put together. The majority of Republicans on Capitol Hill are continuing to say YES to drill for more American oil. The issue is to drill, extract, and refine more oil to make more gasoline more readily available at affordable prices. Why not? Why not now?

Our American oil companies are only attempting to ascertain US Government permission to drill for oil where our government knows there is likely more oil. Many reports now show that we, in America, do have more oil reserves, just waiting to be extracted, than all the oil nations in the entire Middle East. The Democrats are attempting to force oil companies to drill again, and again, in the same areas, even though many drilling attempts and reports show the areas are dry and/or unprofitable. If you drill a well for water on your own property, and you fail to hit an adequate quantity and quality water, common sense will instruct you to look elsewhere for other water resources and/or locations.

Drilling, extracting, and refining oil for gasoline will preserve the family budgets, including their own home, our existing jobs, create new jobs; rebuilding our entire US economy. We must vote all Democrats who are destroying our US economy, out of each and every office up for election on November 4, 2008.

Americans deserve a better life. Americans are beginning to realize the escalating gasoline prices are the results of Democrats on Capitol Hill continually denying Americans gasoline at affording prices. Democrats on Capitol Hill are looking for a compromise only to dump their own baggage of denying Americans gasoline at affordable prices. The Democrats are now on the run, politically speaking. Their own tanks are now on empty. DRILL NOW.

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