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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Have Union Leaders Destroyed Manufacturing?

According to AP News, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney is recruiting military veterans to work against McCain's US Presidential bid. Is Sweeney out to destroy America? Look at the history’s economic leadership under President Sweeney.

Our US economy has three (3) major problems which need an overhauling:

A. The current number one problem of today is the price of gasoline. The Democrats on Capitol Hill refuse to authorize additional drilling for oil. Oil resources are plentiful, safe to extract, and refine oil into gasoline. Escalating gasoline prices are destroying the family budget, including endangering their own home. It is jeopardizing our transportation cost for food, other necessities, for purchasing gasoline to and from work, grocery stores, doctors and hospital, even to and from their House of Worship. Democrats on Capitol Hill continue to refuse Americans relief by allowing American oil companies the right to drill for more oil, extract, refine, and provide more gasoline quantities at affordable prices. Some Democrat candidates seeking elective offices in November, 2008 are comparing the cost of gasoline today, as the cost when President Bush and/or the incumbent Republican took office, when it is the Democrats on Capitol Hill who refuse to allow American oil companies to drill for more oil in known locations, which will provide more gasoline at affordable prices. US Senate authorization of drilling for oil in ANWR using the existing pipeline which is currently operating at some 30% efficiency could give a somewhat immediate relief for consumers on our price of gasoline.

On the other hand, coal is plentiful, but not safe to mine underground although miners earn good salary incomes. My point is the danger of mining underground. Too many lives are lost as a somewhat irregular source. It is amazing as to why the Democrats on Capitol Hill will not outlaw underground mining of coal! I will bet you that it may primarily be because Union President John Sweeney, who supports principally elected Democrats, is still sending the union workers’ dues predominantly to Democrat candidates and elected officials. Why not protect the miners’ lives by outlawing underground mining? The workers must be protected, at all cost.

B. The housing industry has many Americans in deep economical strife. Many who purchased new homes did so at the highest flexible mortgage payment allowable based on their current monthly income. As prime rates rose, the squeeze on meeting escalating monthly payments became difficult to meet. Those who invented home loan flexible interest rates based on banks’ prime rates should apologize to the world. If home monthly payments are to be flexible rather than fixed, the flexibility monthly payment should be adjusted by our annual Cost of Living Adjustment. On this plan, a mortgage currently for example, at One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per month would be allowed to escalate to $1,030.00, if the COLA was three (3%) percent.

C. Manufacturing in America has left good paying jobs all over out nation; from many in our US steel industry, our US automobile manufacturing, furniture, textiles, electronics, etc. In the early 1960’s, General Motors maintained some 53% of the entire world wide auto manufacturing. Some years ago, our Midwestern states were stable in leading the world in steel manufacturing. The shinning manufacturing steel industries have become old rusty and/or demolished buildings. Today, GM is at seventeen (17%) in market share. Toyota is just before becoming the number one auto manufacturing company in the world while GM is shutting down four (4) more truck and/or auto manufacturing plants. Our other manufacturing industries have relocated their businesses to other countries, where the labor rates are more competitive and efficient. The number one problem in US manufacturing losses is the cost of labor costs and benefits, as demanded by President John Sweeney and his AFL-CIO, and other labor unions.

Organized Labor, with the aid of labor unions, helped built America. For the last upwards of thirty (30) years, labor unions have shattered our US manufacturing base; demanding more income and benefits for the worker(s). It is relevant to each of us to seek more income and benefits for our work on the job. So often, we all want to think we are underpaid. We must reevaluate ourselves and our US economy, thinking of others as well. My point is that the AFL-CIO has made so many demands on industry for their own membership; millions of jobs have left America for other countries around the world. Consumers have realized the world market may provide more quality products at lower prices than some manufactured by Americans employed by labor union employees. A better American manufacturing base provides a stronger US economy for our workers.

Sometimes, I speculate if any and/or all activist labor union workers can or will look into the eyes of their own children, their grandchildren, their friends, and others to tell them that they, themselves, may have been the failing manufacturing problem of so many jobs losing America; demanding more salary increases and/or benefits.

In summary, now John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO is recruiting veterans against John McCain for President of the United States? Many of John Sweeney’s decisions are demands which forced many in our manufacturing industry to shut down their business and/or relocate, making for a more pleasant, economical, and competitive environment. Quoting Sweeney, …"With the formation of the Union Veterans Council, veterans will be front and center in the effort to put our country back on track". Did Sweeney really say, “… put our country back on track”? His track? I hope not! America deserves better than Sweeney’s failing solutions.

America does not need any more of Sweeney’s leadership. America needs to rebuild our manufacturing base for a secure economy. We must not let AFL-CIO President John Sweeney destroy our US military and other government agencies.

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