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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NY Times, Media Matters violating intent of First Amendment


By Oscar Y. Harward 

US Constitution - First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law …; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; …” 

Our Founding Fathers’ “wisdom” included the First Amendment within our Constitution for protecting Americans and a press “from and separate” from following any controlled government.  Their thoughts persisted that a “freedom of the press” must be permitted to author “truths and facts” that may represent an independent view from within a closed government.  Secondly, Americans should be allowed to investigate these “truths and facts” concerning virtually everything going on internal and external of a “free and open” Republic system of government. 

Oh, how have times changed?  A “balanced view” of the news, regardless of the sources, in the “Freedom of the press” is becoming virtually non-existent.  “Freedom of the press” has become a majority group of Medias with “left-wing” Publishers, Writers, and Editors merged.  The “print” Medias are disappearing as Americans are obtaining their “News” information mostly from Television News supplemented by radio, the Internet, and a small amount of “news backup” from other Print Medias, etc. 

Rather than “writing and reporting” the “truths and facts” as expected responsibility of yesteryear, todays’ “Freedom of the press” is synchronizing with others in the Press Corps to compare notes on who, what, when, where, and how to report and when to oppose, support, and/or even report events of the day. 

It gets even worse!  Recent news accounts that members of the NY Times and Media Matters Press Corps are “colluding” to reveal with White House Media writers and allowing the White House writers to revise these main-stream Medias writings prior to publishing their articles. 

It appears that more Medias may be “conniving” within the Press Corps to influence the “news’ views” of the day.  These Medias are not worthy of any trusts.  The NY Times and Media Matters are merely “carrying the water” for President Obama and the Democrat Party by echoing the radical left-wing political agendas rather than reporting the news events at hand as envisioned by our Founding Fathers in our First Amendment. 

Our Founding Fathers never intended for “Freedom of the press” to extend a hand for Medias in “colluding” with others in government and/or “conniving”, specifically with government representatives, on any issue to “sway or influence” the “news’ views” of the day. 

If the NY Times and/or Media Matters are guilty of “colluding” and/or “conniving” with others as reported, their “corrupt activity” is certainly a violating of the  intent of “Freedom of the press” as intended and envisioned by our Founding Fathers.  Then, the NY Times and Media Matters are using their left-wing agenda to “sway or influence” the “news’ views”; then hide behind the First Amendment.  Oh, how ugly!

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