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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GITMO Detainees Trials Belong In Military Courts

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are destroying the objectiveness in the US Military and the Federal Judiciary. With these GITMO detainees being captured on the battleground during wartime, why is President Obama failing to make this decision? This is a judgment of the Commander-in-Chief in defining the directions of our US Military in wartime.

US Attorney General Eric Holder is bringing five of the ten 9/11 GITMO detainees to New York to face trial in a Federal Court. With that, these five terrorists will receive all “writ of habeas corpus rights”. Now, in addition to these terrorists having killed more than 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001, these same left-wing radical terrorist thugs will now face the most protective free courts within the free world, receive the very best lawyers in America, worldwide TV coverage with the best legal scene for other terrorists’ thugs, and all at taxpayers’ expense. The remaining five of the ten will face military commissions.

This problem originated, and SCOTUS http://www.supremecourtus.gov/opinions/07pdf/06-1195.pdf was wrong June 12, 2008 on their 5 to 4 decision allowing the GITMO detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba a right to challenge their detentions in Federal Court. Some combating warriors of al Qaeda have been held for more than six years and with cause. Each detainee is a “prisoner of war”. These detainee prisoners are “thugs”, not citizens of any other civilized nation’s Army. Our US Military soldier(s) should not be expected to fight these “thugs” in a war, capture each as combatant warriors, only then to face the same captured combatant terrorist in Federal Courts.

Where, and when, can AG Eric Holder find twelve (12) legitimate, intelligent, honorable, unknowing, and currently undetermined American citizens who have not heard or seen enough information to decide on a sound legal decision? AG Eric Holder, and/or our US Courts, are more likely to have one or more radical left-wing terrorist’s supporters to “hang” any jury in our Federal Judiciary.

President Obama and AG Eric Holder are leading our US Military to a time when we are to be required under their revolutionary rule to require civil rights lawyers to preview, then approve or reject any and all military actions?

Is may be concluded that this action by President Obama and AG Eric Holder in America are destroying our US Military, the CIA, and other US Agencies who are functioning to save American lives and the freedoms within our US Constitution.

In the last word, what happens if any of these terrorists’ GITMO detainees who were captured during wartime, are found not guilty in the US Judiciary, due to a simple legal glitch? What may we then expect? Do we then let them go free to roam on our streets, in our own communities? Will we then be forced to recapture the same terrorists from destroying our own nation and killing more Americans? All GITMO detainees’ trials must be heard in military courts. President Obama must not pass-the-buck on this issue.

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