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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop Rogers, Kuehler, and Openshaw From Selling CMC-Union

A few days ago, the headlines across America were “The Scott Heard Round the World”. This was in reference to Republican Party candidate Scott Brown’s special election victory for US Senate in Massachusetts, as he defeated Democrat Party candidate Martha Coakley, replacing a seat previously held for nearly fifty (50) years by the late Ted Kennedy.

President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nance Pelosi and most of their other elected Democrat Party members on Capitol Hill are cramming ‘ObamaCare’ through our throats, even though most political polls clearly show Americans are opposed 58% to 32% regarding either of the two (2) various pieces of ObamaCare legislation.

Currently, right here in Union County, three elected UC Commissioners; namely Kim Rogers, Chairwoman, Tracy Kuehler, Vice Chairwoman, and Lanny Openshaw appear to be single-minded to auction off (y)our Carolina Medical Center-Union (CMC-Union). Just as there is so much opposition across America to ‘ObamaCare’, there is similar massive opposition by the citizens of Union County allowing this sale of CMC-Union. Where did these political nonconformists come from? Why would these three Commissioners move into Union County, NC from somewhere afar, only to become candidates for elected office; win for the office; then attempt to destroy one of Union County’s most valued, precious assets? Why would these same three radical thinking, off-the-wall county commissioners become so obstructive and/or destructive to further improving our general ‘Health Care’ in Monroe, Waxhaw, or anywhere else within Union County, NC? What is really in their minds to act so unprofessionally and/or incompetently? Yes, I do suggest their political activity is unprofessional and/or incompetent.

In recent years, and due to my deteriorating health, I have become a somewhat frequent patient at CMC-Union. There has been many positive and significant improvements in health care at CMC-Union since the management changeover in 1995! If these three UC Commissioners demand a change in management, have a public hearing to justify the action and then, do so; but don’t sell our hospital. Please, get your head screwed on correctly.

Should these off-the-wall political thinking commissioners continue an effort to sell CMC-Union, I hope some local municipalities and/or independent groups will put together an effort seeking a ‘court order’ to stop any sale of CMC-Union and preserve this most important asset. Furthermore, now may be the time for other elected municipal office holders to seek state legislation support of a ‘recall’ of Union County Commissioners upon receipt by petition of ten (10) percent of the qualified voters of Union County. For the betterment of our entire community, these three commissioners must be defeated and/or removed from public office. CMC-Union belongs to all Union County’s taxpayers; not just a few to bargain our hospital away.

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