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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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"Daily Motivations"

I am living proof that women can reinvent and rebuild their lives, no matter what hardships they have faced. -- Jackie Speier

"Daily Devotions" (KJV and/or NLT)

"So, you see, it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that there is a God and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him." (Hebrews 11:6)

Popular ballads, advertisements, celebrity testimonials, and politicians all extol the merits of faith. Some encourage us to "keep the faith." Others to "just believe." But belief in itself is empty. Like little children putting their faith in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy, we can believe with all of our heart that something good will happen---and be gravely disappointed. The results of our faith do not depend as much on how deeply we believe as on the object of our faith.

Several years ago, a farming community found itself in the midst of a drought. The once hearty soil had become as hard as bronze in the unrelenting sun. The parched crops lay wilted, and the anxious farmers grumbled at the incessantly cloudless skies. Finally, the ministers of the community scheduled an hour of prayer in the town square at noon on a Saturday. They encouraged the townspeople to bring objects representing their faith as inspiration.

On Saturday, the town square was brimming with people. Their faces filled with anticipation, their hearts hopeful, they clutched their "objects of faith"---Bibles, crosses, and other various items.

The hour of prayer ended and, as if on command, clouds appeared and a gentle rain began to fall. The townspeople cheered and held up their treasured objects in praise and thankfulness to God. In the middle of the joyous crowd, one object of faith stood out from the others. A nine-year-old child had brought an umbrella.

In whom or what do you believe? Do you act on that belief? The only One who is infinitely worthy of our wholehearted trust is our faithful God. When we actively place our faith in Him, the result is supernatural.

"The Patriot Post"

"Let justice be done though the heavens should fall." -- John Adams, letter to Elbridge Gerry, December 5, 1777

"Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit." -- Federalist No. 51, February 8, 1788

"If individuals be not influenced by moral principles; it is in vain to look for public virtue; it is, therefore, the duty of legislators to enforce, both by precept and example, the utility, as well as the necessity of a strict adherence to the rules of distributive justice." -- James Madison, response to Washington's first Inaugural address, 1789

The balloonist

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

"She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican."

"I am," replied the man. "How did you know?"

"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help to me."

The man smiled and responded, "You must be an Obama Democrat."

"I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?"

"Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you are going. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it's my fault."

"National Right To Work"

Postal Worker Files FEC Complaint for Illegal Union PAC Money Laundering Scheme

Granite State union bosses illegally diverted postal employee's membership dues to fund political coffers


Nashua, New Hampshire (July 28, 2009) – The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) asking it to investigate charges made by a Nashua-area postal worker who discovered his annual union membership dues were illegally diverted into the union’s political action committee (PAC).

In July 2006, United States Postal Service employee Philip Wakeman paid $429 in membership dues to join the National Postal Mail Handlers Union (NPMHU), a division of the Laborers’ International Union. On the “Memo” line at the bottom of the check, he wrote “Union Dues.” A union official later acknowledged receipt of the union dues.

In October 2008, over two years after submitting the check to the NPMHU union, a stranger called Wakeman on an unrelated matter and informed him that she found his information on the Internet. The stranger then suggested that he do a “Google” Internet search of his name. After doing so, Mr. Wakeman was astounded to find his name disclosed as making a contribution to the NPMHU PAC in the exact amount of his annual NPMHU union membership dues – all without his knowledge.

Apparently NPMHU union bosses had illegally diverted his dues payment to the union’s PAC. Mr. Wakeman contacted the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, and Foundation attorneys filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission for him and the Foundation.

It is illegal for union officials to fund union PACs using “dues, fees, or other moneys required as a condition of membership in a labor organization.” NPMHU union bosses are also accused of violating federal election law by making a political campaign contribution in another person’s name and soliciting political contributions under false pretenses while failing to inform Mr. Wakeman that his membership dues would be used for political purposes.

“This union money laundering scheme makes a mockery of the right to political autonomy,” said Stefan Gleason, vice president of the National Right to Work Foundation. “Foundation attorneys intend to trigger prosecution of this NPMHU union boss political fundraising fraud and an investigation into whether there is a larger scheme afoot. We urge the FEC to take decisive action.”

"Rick Santorum"

Making Sense of Iran

Relations between the U.S. and Israel have become increasingly strained as the new administrations of both nations find themselves at odds over the question of Iran’s nuclear program. While Israeli officials believe that Iran may be less than a year away from enriching enough uranium to build a nuclear weapon, they fear that Obama is more concerned about his diplomatic status with Iranian leaders to pressure them unduly. And while U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been “counseling patience” to the Israelis during his most recent visit to Jerusalem, Israel, who views Iran’s potential nuclear capability as posing a threat to its very existence, will have none of it.

“We clearly believe that no option should be removed from the table,” said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday, implying that he would consider a pre-emptive strike to foil Iran’s goal of going nuclear. “This is our policy. We mean it.”

The differences over Iran complicate the strain already felt between the U.S. and Israel as they negotiate the Middle East peace process, exacerbated by Obama’s calls for a halt to Israeli settlement building. Not to mention the implausibility of dialogue with a regime that is enmeshed in its own crisis of legitimacy following the disputed June 12 presidential elections, with Ahmadinejad continuing to dig a hole for himself in his stubborn and controversial ministerial appointments, and a recent upsurge in public fury after the release of 140 detainees, many of whose bodies and faces were disfigured from torture and other forms of violent interrogation. According to independent human-rights organizations, over 1,000 people have been arrested and nearly 100 killed after the presidential election. Among the arrested are 250 prominent reformers, journalists, lawyers, and student activists. The Iranian regime only puts the number of arrested around 500 and the death toll at twenty.

Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad's friend and ally in Latin America has found his hands caught in the cookie jar upon Colombia's public disclosure that Hugo Chavez's military has been supplying the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC - an internationally recognized terrorist group) with Swedish-produced anti-tank rockets. There is no doubt that the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism needs to be revisited.

Ethics and Public Policy Center

Program to Protect America's Freedom
1015 15th Street, NW Suite 900
Washington, D.C. 20005

"The Web"

Black Panthers Cause Problems In Philadelphia - Pray, tell me why President Obama's Attorney General chose to drop this case from prosecution. The Black Panthers didn't even contest the charges in the preliminary hearing.


We help 'Black Panthers' to live on


Did You Know? You can thank President Obama and the Liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill for using (y)our taxpayers' money to "Play to Pay" the "additional" unemployment benefits to the laid off UAW membership. - oyh

GM’s buyout falls short
By Geert De Lombaerde Posted


And the auto maker may have to lay off more than 7,000 hourly people to meet its previously stated goal of reaching 40,500 people.

G.M.’s contract with the U.A.W. calls for hourly workers who are laid off to receive most of their pay through a combination of state unemployment benefits and supplemental pay from the company, though the union recently agreed to shorten the time that assistance was available.

It’s In Your Hands


An inspirational message from a dear friend of mine. Certain things in your hands might be quite valuable and have a large impact on the world, but none has the potential to impact the world as much as the object of this message. – God Bless


A basketball in my hands is worth about $19.
A basketball in Michael Jordan’s hands is worth about $33 million.
It depends whose hands it’s in.

A baseball in my hands is worth about $6.
A baseball in Roger Clemens’ hands is
Worth $475 million.
It depends on whose hands it’s in.

A tennis racket is useless in my hands.
A tennis racket in Andre Agassi’s hands is worth millions.
It depends whose hands it’s in.

A rod in my hands will keep away
An angry dog.
A rod in Moses’ hands will part
The mighty sea.
It depends whose hands it’s in.

A slingshot in my hands is a kid’s toy.
A slingshot in David’s hand is
A mighty weapon.
It depends whose hands it’s in.

Two fish and 5 loaves of bread in my hands is a couple of fish sandwiches.
Two fish and 5 loaves of bread in Jesus’ hands will feed thousands.
It depends whose hands it’s in.

Nails in my hands might produce a birdhouse.
Nails in Jesus Christ’s hands will
Produce salvation for the entire world.
It depends whose hands it’s in.

As you see now, it depends whose hands
it’s in.
So put your concerns, your worries, your fears, your hopes, your dreams, your families and your relationships in God’s hands because…
It depends whose hands it’s in.

This message is now in YOUR hands.

What will YOU do with it?

It Depends on WHOSE Hands it’s in.

While praying this morning, God gave me a vision. He showed me a great, world-wide "mobilization."

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis, (Berlin / Germany)

www.nnk-berlin.de (English menu)


I saw myself strolling along a beach. Suddenly, there sounded a loud boom, which became stronger and more massive. It was not the noise of the sea or of the wind. It was completely still outside. The sea water was as smooth as glass. The deep booming sound which was like the sound of the mountains about to cave in, a banging sound which I had up till now never heard in my whole life, came from the other side of the ocean, from far away. It became so strong and mighty, that the earth began to quake and shake. It sounded like the blasting of a deep bass trumpet. I had never heard this sort and depth of bass sound before now. The whole air vibrated.I holed myself up in the dunes of the embankment, face down, and waited to see what would come out of this natural spectacle.

When the booming refused to stop, and instead became stronger, I saw myself begin to pray in the vision, and to speak with my God. Then I heard a voice saying, "My child, fear not. That is my mobilization call, a signal from the other world. I am calling my people out from all peoples. I myself am shaking the earth and the sea. The sinners and godless will pass away for fear and the fearful expectation of the things which are to come. Understand, my child, that all these have been initiated by the financial crises. That was just the beginning of ruin. The foundation of today's society will be so shaken that the people will lose all that they have acquired, and saved up till now.

Every infrastructure and welfare will collapse with time. Life will be very difficult for very many people. The general security will get out of control and there will be a proliferation of crime such that life on earth will be massively threatened. But you, who fear my name will I save from ruin. I am holding my arm of protection over you."

Although not even a silent wind blew, and not even a small wave was seen on the sea, the booming was so mighty, that my heart threatened to stop beating. Then I thought to myself, "I will now also die". And then the Lord said to me, "My child, do not fear. You are to live and continue to declare my works. Arise, go home and tell your loved ones. Let them know that the coming of my son is very close at hand, at the doorstep. I am setting everything in motion in order to take my people home, and I am now stripping them of everything that is holding them back, or blocking them."

As I stood up to obey God's voice, starting to make my way home-wards, I saw very many people, lying in the dunes. They had come out from their houses, racing towards the sea to see and experience this extraordinary natural spectacle. They lay on their faces as if paralyzed, exactly as I had lain a few minutes before now. As I passed by them on my way home, despite the continuous distant booming sound, these people called to me saying "you are crazy; you cannot make it home in this situation. It is too dangerous". They then buried their heads even further in the dunes, because they feared what would happen next. They no longer wanted to hear or know of anything.

And then said the Lord to me: "For you, my children, who fear my name, this is the day of my "mobilization". For you ,my "sun of salvation" arises, with which I gather my true children, and bring them together. Go, my son, and tell this everyone you can reach".

Then I asked the Lord, "What shall I tell them?"

"Tell my children, they are no longer to occupy themselves with perishable things, but rather, much more with the immortal, the eternal things. They are to seek me and study my word. They should forgive one another, so long as there is still time, and make peace with one another.

They should stop being envious of , and pointing fingers at one another. They should neither accuse nor suspect one another. Everyone should do what he is supposed to, and can do. Tell them to free themselves of every unnecessary thing, and to stop fighting spasmodically (intermittently) for their rights. From now on, I will ensure your rights, and provide for justice for you. Great changes are about to occur all over the world, in every area of life. Adjust yourselves therefore and be prepared. Nothing is going to be as it has been before now..."

The further I moved from the beach, the less of the booming sound I heard, even though I was of the opinion that the sound had become stronger and even more massive. I felt as if I had been secured in a class case.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "I will bring my children into safety in my own way. You will see everything I will do in the world, which will experience all the plagues of Egypt, before I withdraw my children unto myself, before Pharaoh releases you forever. My people hold together! Stay with one another, encourage one another. Soon, you would have made it!"

That was the last thing I took with me from this vision.

As I thought about all that I had seen, and what I should do with it, the Lord spoke to me saying, "Spread this revelation I have given you this morning about my "mobilization" overall further to my children, and encourage them to do likewise, for I am at the door (I am coming soon). And tell them, especially my people, that they should be serious about their relationship with me (God), before it is too late...."

Do help me spread this message overall. Send it to your friends and acquaintances. Spread it your churches and house fellowships. Translate it into other languages.

Maranatha! Our Lord comes.

Obama honors an enemy of Israel (updated)
Richard Baehr


Barack Obama today announced that he is presenting the Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson. So who is Mary Robinson? An enemy of Israel to begin, and the host and mastermind of the first Durban conference.

This is like sticking a fork in the eye of a supporter of Israel. But I am sure the Jewish left will think nothing of it. Each time I see a foreign policy decision of this administration -- on missile defense, disarmament, Israel, Honduras, on the Iranians crushing dissent to their fraudulent election, the question I now ask is this: If Hugo Chavez were the American President, would the action be any different?

Far more often than not, the answer is no. We now have Hugo Chavez running the foreign side, and Henry Waxman running the domestic agenda. Is this the change we can believe in? Our country is disappearing before our eyes, if they are open.

Update from Ed Lasky:

The bestowing of the Medal of Freedom on Mary Robinson is a travesty. Beyond that, it is a slap in the face to the pro-Israel community. Obama just met with the leaders of a collection of Jewish groups, ostensibly to quell their concerns about his approach towards Israel. Barely two weeks later, he gives an award to a person who has actively campaigned against Israel. Is this just a sign he couldn't care less about what those leaders think or feel?

Robinson is an ardent foe of Israel and was the Commissioner of the U.N Human Right Commission when it condoned suicide bombing by the Palestinians as a legitimate means to establish a Palestinian state. As Jennifer Rubin points out in her blog at Commentary Contentions, Robinson has a pattern of anti-Israel actions stretching across many years (and continents)

In the United States, she joined the faculty at Columbia University (Obama's alma mater) -- a campus that has become a center of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic behavior by faculty members. Among the faculty members is long-time anti-Israel activist Rashid Khalidi, who was a close friend of Obama's during his Chicago days, and whom Obama credited with teaching him about the Middle East. Did Khalidi suggest to Obama that Robinson be awarded the most prestigious non-military medal an American President can award someone?

Jennifer Rubin has an interesting observation. When Robinson headed the Human Rights Commission, James Tisch-the Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations-criticized her. The current Chairman of the Conference is Alan Solow-a supporter of Barack Obama's during the campaign. Will he choose to speak up or stay silent?

This is a disgraceful award, considering the list of previous recipients who have, for the most part, stellar records of public service in a wide variety of endeavors..

But this is the moral universe that God Obama lords over.

Further update from Ed Lasky:

Look who else won: Bishop Desmond Tutu; the man who compares Israel's treatment of the Palestinians to apartheid (gee..did he ever look at how Palestinians treat each other or how fellow Arabs have mistreated the Palestinians for decades?). So two of the sixteen hate Israel

Carter & Co. Kick House Censors

by Connie Hair


Democrat censorship of House Republicans’ constituent mailings has reached Orwellian levels. Republican members of the House Monday night took to the House floor during Special Orders speeches and gave examples of some of the censorship horror stories.

Democrats on the Franking Commission have even gone as far as to object to and censor from one member’s communication to constituents a direct quote, in context, from President Obama.

Franking is the process by which Congress, the President and some cabinet members correspond with the public using their signature on the envelope instead of a stamp. The mailings to constituents are limited by budget allotment, and the cost is borne by taxpayer dollars. The commission approves the content of materials to prevent abuse of the privilege. But now it is the commission abusing the process.
The Special Orders hour was led by Rep. John Carter (R-Texas), secretary of the House Republican Conference and a former District Judge. He told the story of the demands of the commission that he remove the words “government run healthcare” and “Democratic majority” from a constituent invitation to a telephone town hall meeting.

“I communicate with my constituents every day,” Carter said from the floor. “One of the tools I use is a telephone town hall meeting. You record a message that leads into the town hall. Part of the message tells the people what you’re going to be talking to them about for the next hour.”

“We made up a telephone town hall recording submission to the Franking Commission in which I proposed to say ‘the Democratic Party is offering their government run healthcare program in the next two weeks and this is what we’re going to talk about tonight,’” Carter continued.

“The Franking Commission came back and told me I could not say ‘government run healthcare’ and I could not say the ‘Democratic Party.’ I had to say ‘the majority party is submitting its public option healthcare program.’ In other words what they’re telling me is that I have to use the same language that the President of the United States uses in his speech or that [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi uses when she talks about this. ‘Public option.’”

“They have never before in the history of the Republic taken the position that you do not have the right to express your opinion on the policies that are being proposed, or that you must reword the language to suit the policies of someone else,” Carter said.

But there are more examples of the Democrats abuse of the franking approval system. Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) is having his chart (pdf) Republican staff created in the Joint Economic Committee illustrating the structure of Democrat, government run healthcare censored out of some 20 member mailings. But it does not stop there.

Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) sends a regular newsletter to his constituents. When he attempted to mail a newsletter to his district covering the issue of healthcare, he was forced to remove the following offensive language before Democrats on the commission would approve payment of postage for the mailing:

“The below quote is from President Obama at a recent town hall on health care, responding to a question on possible medical treatment for an elderly woman who had heart problems and received a pacemaker:

‘Look, the first thing for all of us to understand that is we actually have some -- some choices to make about how we want to deal with our own end-of-life care… we as a culture and as a society [can start] to make better decisions within our own families and for ourselves...at least we can let doctors know and your mom know that, you know what? Maybe this isn't going to help. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery, but taking the painkiller.’

I can honestly say I found the President’s quote offensive, as well. But Democrats censored this direct quote in context of the President of the United States of America from an official communication between a member of Congress and his constituents.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) used the words “Democrat majority” in his newsletter to constituents on the issue of Cap & Trade. Franking kicked it back to Barton saying he had to use the words “congressional majority” instead. Yet found in a Nancy Pelosi newsletter from 2006, when Democrats were in the minority, was the statement, “But too many here and across our nation are paying the price for the Republican Congressional majority’s special interest agenda.”

Barton’s office sent the newsletter back to Franking yesterday with a change in the language: “If we don’t, our nation will end up paying the price for the Democrat Congressional majority’s special interest agenda.” Quoting Pelosi’s 2006 newsletter practically word for word, and sending it to them for reference, Barton’s office is awaiting the response from the commission.

Staffers of one of Carter’s Republican colleagues sent an example to Carter to read from House floor. Not cleared for inclusion by the member before floor action began, the member is referred to as a “Florida colleague.” This member submitted to the Franking Commission for review and approval a letter to business owners the week of July 13th. Democrats found this language objectionable:

“The bill imposes a new payroll tax on employers who do not provide their employees with insurance.”

Democrats demanded they change it to read:

“In my opinion, the bill imposes a new payroll tax on employers who do not provide their employees with insurance.”

The problem with that instruction is that the bill’s imposition of a new payroll tax is not an opinion. It’s a fact. The “Florida Colleague’s” office pointed out the fact, as stated in black and white on page 150 of their own bill. The commission relented -- but only after delaying the valid communication between this member and constituents for several days.

House Democrats are engaging in a gross abuse of power by censoring the ability of Republicans to communicate the facts to their constituents in a timely manner.

“If they take away free speech from members of Congress, when will they take it away from the press?” Carter asked from the House floor. “When will they take it away from the people?”

The censorship is not limited to franked mail privileges. Last week, House Republicans planned to speak during their Monday leadership Special Orders hour on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to help secure the release of CIA briefing logs that would disprove or substantiate her accusations that the CIA lied to Congress about harsh interrogation methods used on terrorists we had captured.

House Democrats abruptly voted to adjourn instead of allowing for the traditional Special Orders speeches at the conclusion of business. Democrats did not attempt this same maneuver last night after Republicans threatened to deliver the censorship speeches outside on the Capitol steps.

Rumors that Speaker Pelosi had demanded her staff prepare a “Newspeak” dictionary for her next press conference were unconfirmed as we go to press.


The preacher placed two identical jars on the table next to the pulpit. He quoted 1 Samuel 16:7 “The LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.”

These jars came from the same factory, were made of the same materials, and can hold the same amount. But they are different, he explained.

Then he upset one and it oozed out honey. He turned over the other, and vinegar spilled out. When a jar is upset, whatever is in it comes out.

Until the jars were upset, they looked alike. The difference was within, and could not be seen. When they were upset, their contents were revealed.

Until we are upset we put on a good front. But when we are upset, we reveal our innermost thoughts and attitudes, “for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” (Luke 6:45)

What if someone tipped you over today??

What would flow out??

Would you reveal the “honey” of grace and patience, or the “vinegar” of anger and sarcasm??

“And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8)

Have a terrific day knowing that the one who upsets you may be just looking for some honey

Author Unknown

"The e-mail Bag"

The Moped

An elderly man on a Moped, looking about 100 years old, pulled up next to a doctor at a street light.

The old man looked over at the sleek shiny car and asked, 'What kind of car ya got there, sonny ?'

The doctor replied, 'A Ferrari GTO.. It cost half a million dollars!'

'That's a lot of money,' said the old man. 'Why does it cost so much?'

'Because this car can do up to 320 miles an hour !' said the doctor proudly..

The Moped driver asked, 'Mind if I take a look inside ?'

'No problem,' replied the doctor.

So the old man poked his head in the window and looked around. Then, sitting back on his Moped, the old man said, 'That's a pretty nice car, all right... but I'll stick with my Moped !'

Just then the light changed, so the doctor decided to show the old man just what his car can do. He floored it , and within 30 seconds the speedometer read 160 mph.

But just then, he noticed a dot in his rear view mirror. It seemed to be getting closer !

He slowed down to see what it could be and suddenly WHOOOSSSHHH !

Something whipped by him going much faster !

'What on earth could be going faster than my Ferrari ?' the doctor asked himself.

He pressed harder on the accelerator , taking the Ferrari up to 250 mph.

There, up ahead of him, he saw that it was the old man on the Moped!

Amazed that the Moped could pass his Ferrari, he gave it more gas and passed the Moped at 275 mph. He was feeling pretty good until he looked in his mirror and saw the old man gaining on him AGAIN !

Astounded by the speed of this old guy, he floored the gas pedal and took the Ferrari all the way up to 320 mph.

Not ten seconds later, he saw the Moped again bearing down on him! The Ferrari was flat out. There was nothing he could do!

Suddenly, the Moped plowed into the back of his Ferrari, demolishing the rear end. The doctor stopped and jumped out and unbelievably the old man was still alive.

He ran to the banged-up old guy and said, 'I'm a doctor.... Is there anything I can do for you ?'

The old man whispered, 'Unhook my suspenders from your side mirror.'

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