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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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"Daily Motivations"

"Submit each day to God, knowing that He is God over all your tomorrows." -- Kay Arthur

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you." -- Dale Carnegie

"Daily Devotions" (KJV and/or NLT)

For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything He does. (Psalm 33:4)

Do you believe there is absolute truth, or do you feel that everything is relative? Recent studies indicate that most people today are under the opinion that truth depends upon individual situations rather than absolute standards. Does it make a difference?

Recently a mountain climbing magazine offered a guide to climbing Britain's highest peak, Ben Nevis. It was critical for the directions to be precise, especially if the climber faced bad weather. But one sentence was omitted from the article.

A climbing safety adviser caught the ommission and quickly notified the climbing community. The missing detail would cause a trusting climber to walk off the edge of the cliff into a thousand-foot gully.

Anyone involved in "extreme" sports will tell you that absolutes indeed come into play---gravity, for example. I may sincerely feel the Law of Gravity is irrelevant. However, when I step off a cliff, the Law of Gravity really doesn't care what I feel. At that moment, the only thing that really matters is what is true.

This world is governed by laws that have no "wiggle room." They are what they are. Why, then, do some believe that spiritual laws are not in effect as well? We worship a God who embodies truth. In Him there is perfect integrity, eternal honesty.

"The Patriot Post"

"As long as the reason of man continues fallible, and he is at liberty to exercise it, different opinions will be formed." -- James Madison

Hope 'n' Change: There's More to Obama's Olympic Fail

As we all know by now, last Thursday, Barack Obama took time away from a raging war and a terrible economy to fly to Copenhagen to lobby in person for the 2016 Olympic Games to be hosted in his "home" city of Chicago. The Windy City was blown out of the competition in the first round, though, and the Games eventually went to Rio de Janeiro, taking the Olympics to South America for the first time.

But here's the kicker. Not only was Obama's own political capital spent, but he squandered taxpayers' capital as well. The Pentagon recently estimated the cost of flying Air Force One at $100,219 an hour -- without Obama on board. At that rate, Obama's 14-hour excursion tapped taxpayers for at least $1.4 million. Other passengers jacking up the price included White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. First lady Michelle Obama traveled to Copenhagen separately, though she claimed she was making a "sacrifice" to do it.

Assorted leftists had a conniption over the results, with some, including the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, going so far as to blame -- wait for it -- George W. Bush for the worldwide ill will that cost Chicago the Games. "The way we [refused to sign] the Kyoto Treaty, we misled the world into Iraq. The world had a very bad taste in its mouth about us," Jackson complained. Never mind that Kyoto was unanimously rejected by the U.S. Senate in 1997, four years before Bush took office.

Fortunately, Obama can finally claim to have actually saved jobs. Nine of them, to be exact. The first-ever White House Olympic Office will stay in business, continuing to employ its staffers. Doing what, we don't know.

Finally, if there's one thing Obama's Olympic Fail settled, it's that we can't compare him to Adolf Hitler in all things. At least Hitler brought the Olympics to Berlin.

On Cross-Examination

"Hey Chicago, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the International Olympic Committee just isn't that into you? It's not as though the choices were to hold the games in the Windy City or cancel them altogether. Maybe the IOC delegates chose Rio de Janeiro on the basis of its merits as a venue. The notion that it must have been motivated by hatred of America reflects a most unattractive combination of arrogance and self-pity.. -- Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto

Democrats Still Have a Few Tricks in the Bag on Health Care

The normally reliable Congressional Budget Office released a report on the Democrats' proposed takeover of the health care system this week. The report absurdly claimed that a Senate panel's $829 billion package would not add to the federal deficit. As we reflect that George W. Bush's Medicare prescription drug program alone created $7 trillion in unfunded liabilities, it appears that the CBO is using a lot of outcome-based math for its calculations.

The CBO's report, however, is not exactly hard and fast.. As Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) points out, "This is an estimate of a concept, not a formal cost analysis of an actual bill." No matter. The Leftmedia are gleefully reporting the "no new debt" part of the report without that unfortunate detail. It's all part of trying to get the so-called fiscally conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats to heel and vote for the bill.

There are other details worth mentioning. For example, the plan would still leave uninsured 16 million of the supposed 47 million currently uninsured. And Democrats claimed no one would be left behind.

According to The Washington Post, "[T]he package would raise $200 billion more by levying a 40 percent excise tax on high-cost insurance policies -- the 'Cadillac' plans that cost more than $8,000 for individuals or $21,000 for a family." The House plans to slap a "surtax" on income above $500,000 rather than impose the "Cadillac" tax.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she's open to a value-added tax, or VAT, to help finance the plan. "Somewhere along the way, a value-added tax plays into this," she said. "Of course, we want to take down the health care cost, that's one part of it. But in the scheme of things, I think it's fair to look at a value-added tax as well."

The VAT is a tax on manufacturers and distributors at every stage based on the "value" added to a product by each additional step, and it's largely hidden from consumers. As a result, it's attractive to politicians -- even ones who promised not to raise taxes on the middle class. Almost every European country with socialized medicine also has a VAT, and if the health care takeover is accomplished, then the same should be anticipated for the United States.

With all of these shenanigans, is it any surprise that Democrats defeated an amendment to post the bill online for the American people to read before the vote? Indeed, rather than adhering to Barack Obama's promise of transparency, the Heritage Foundation's blog, The Foundry, details "the four part scenario that would railroad the bill through the Senate using a very unusual closed door procedure to craft the bill with no input from the American people." This includes some legislative tricks such as attaching it to an unrelated tax bill or using reconciliation, meaning only 51 votes, not the filibuster ending 60, are required in the Senate.

But don't worry: Democrats know what's best for you.

The BIG Lie

"When you cut through all the noise and all the distractions that are out there, I think what's most telling is that some of the people who are most supportive of reform are the very medical professionals who know the health care system best." --Barack Obama before a Rose Garden gathering of about 150 Obama-activist doctors in white lab coats -- that the White House passed out, the better to stage the photo op

The truth, however, as noted in a recent Investor's Business Daily poll, is that two-thirds of doctors oppose ObamaCare, and nearly half said they would consider leaving medicine if it passes.

This Week's 'Braying Jackass' Award

"I don't expect to actually read the legislative language [of the health care bill] because reading the legislative language is among the more confusing things I've ever read in my life." --Sen. Thomas Carper (D-DE)

Catch what they are saying across the Pond.


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Associated Press: ObamaCare does pay for abortion


Urgent: Contact your senators today!

As even the Associated Press admits, the government takeover of health care will,despite what the president has told you, involve the use of taxpayer funds to pay for abortions.

The AP says flatly, "The proposed legislation would permit government-sponsored health plans, open to non-Medicaid patients, to cover abortions."

So when the president or members of Congress say abortions aren't covered in health care reform, they aren't telling you the truth. And when the president's spokesman says that federal law would prevent taxpayer funding of abortions in the health care plan, he's not telling you the truth either.

The Hyde Amendment prevents Medicaid funds - and Medicaid funds only - from being used for abortions, but that restriction wouldn't apply to the government takeover of health care.

In fact, under the Capps Amendment in the House bill, the public option would be required to offer abortion services, and every American would have to have access to at least one health care plan that included abortion.

Take Action

The full Senate will soon be debating its huge health care bill. Contact both of your senators today and tell them firmly but politely that they can't "Hyde" any longer, that abortion is not health care, and that they must remove abortion from any health care reform bill they consider.

Contact both of your senators today

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.


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October 19, 2009

Federal Court of Appeals to Hear Kentucky Ten Commandments Case

Tomorrow Liberty Counsel will present oral argument at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of the “Foundations of American Law and Government” display, which includes the Ten Commandments. Liberty Counsel represents McCreary and Pulaski Counties in Kentucky. When the case reached the Supreme Court, it only ruled on the preliminary injunction.

The Court issued split, and frankly, confusing decisions. Since that time, however, the composition of the Court has changed. Justices Roberts and Alito have replaced Justices Rehnquist and O’Connor. It is likely that a different result will be reached if the McCreary case reaches the High Court again.

Since 2005 the ACLU has lost three consecutive Ten Commandments cases at the appellate court level. They have refused to ask the Supreme Court to take these cases, because they know the Court is no longer hostile to the Ten Commandments.

Read our News Release for more details.

Read Liberty Counsel's McCreary County Opening and Reply briefs.

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This Ten Commandments crystal paperweight will be a constant reminder of God's justice and mercy and a great conversation piece for visitors to your home or office.

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"Chuck Sproull"

STUPIDITY - Source and Cure

To the editor (Bedford Times-Mail);

By Charles Sproull, Springville IN

Truth is the words we use to accurately and completely describe reality, the way it really is. cbs

This letter is a sequel to Brian Webb's excellent letter "Christian Morality Requires Humility" (25 July 2006 T-M), with a more detailed view of arrogance and God's cure.

For people having normal intelligence, there is a wide spectrum of learning abilities, bounded by two extremes.

The subjective nature limits itself to past education, experiences, feelings and concerns, is more concerned about likes and dislikes, and is quick to disagree with new information, especially about important moral and spiritual issues.

The objective nature is not limited, but willing to consider new information, and learn what is true or false about new information before believing or agreeing.

Many subjective people are dull, dense, and slow to learn about the high moral standards in the Bible and spiritual aspects of our American heritage, not because of low IQ, but because of limitations they impose on their minds by pride, fear, unconcern, selfishness and dishonesty (denying the existence of truth outside their teeny-weeny microscopic realm of awareness and concern). The realm of truth is millions of times bigger than most people's awareness

I believe pride and fear, like a two-part epoxy, when mixed together they produce the "hardness of heart" and "arrogance" mentioned in the Bible.

Resistance to learning is the definition of "stupidity." This is not me calling anyone names, but is recognizing what many people reveal about the character living in their hearts. If people don't like what they are, they can ask God to help them change.

Stupidity can affect people seeking religious and political leadership positions. If motivated by the desire to dominate over other people, they can become so proud of their positions and of what little they know, they are afraid to learn from people under them. Jesus warned His disciples against this (Matt 20:25-28).

The subjective nature is described in 2 Corinthians 6:12-13 as "straitened" (strongly hemmed in). The cure Paul recommended was to be "enlarged," willing to learn higher standards, deeper understanding of reality and, broader concerns (love God and our neighbor as ourselves).

Emotional stupidity can be healed by cultivating the opposite core values of humility, courage, unselfishness, and honesty (open up a neutral part of the mind that considers what is true about new information, then learn and understand it), like the Bereans did in Acts 17:11-12.



by Neil Anderson

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you (John 14:27)

Peace on earth--that's what everybody wants. But nobody can guarantee external peace because nobody can control other people or circumstances. Nations sign and break peace treaties with frightening regularity. Couples lament that there would be peace in their home "if only he/she would shape up." No one can guarantee peace at home or on the job site. However, we should always strive to be peacemakers. Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matthew 5:9). Paul instructed, "If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men" (Romans 12:18).

But let's face it: Peace with others isn't always possible, because peace doesn't just depend on us. Peace on earth is what we want; peace with God is what we have; the peace of God is what we need.

Peace with God is something you already have (Romans 5:1). It's not something you strive for; it's something you received when you were born again. The Prince of Peace reconciled you to God by shedding His own blood.

The peace of God is something you need to appropriate daily in your inner world in the midst of the storms which rage in the external world (John 14:27). There are a lot of things that can disrupt your external world because you can't control all your circumstances and relationships. But you can control the inner world of your thoughts by allowing the peace of Christ to rule in your heart on a daily basis (Colossians 3:15). There may be chaos all around you, but God is bigger than any storm. I keep a little plaque on my desk which reminds me: "Nothing will happen to me today that God and I cannot resolve."

The peace of Christ will rule in your heart when you "let the word of Christ richly dwell within you" (Colossians 3:16). And when you turn to Him in prayer, "the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:7).


Prince of Peace, rule in my heart today. Give me Your peace and make me a peacemaker in all my relationships.

Thank you for using the Daily in Christ devotionals brought to you through Crosswalk by Freedom in Christ Ministries (FICM). We are a faith-based, donor-supported ministry. If you have been touched by these devotionals, and would like to make a monthly pledge or a special gift of any amount, please use the link below to give as the Lord leads. Thank you so much!

"The Web"



Shoes in church


I showered and shaved...I adjusted my tie..
I got there and sat...In a pew just in time.
Bowing my head in prayer...As I closed my eyes.
I saw the shoe of the man next to me...Touching my own. I sighed.
With plenty of room on either side...I thought, "Why must our soles touch?"
It bothered me, his shoe touching mine...But it didn't bother him much.
A prayer began: "Our Father"...I thought, "This man with the shoes...has no pride.
They're dusty, worn, and scratched. Even worse, there are holes on the side!"
"Thank You for blessings," the prayer went on.
The shoe man said...a quiet "Amen."
I tried to focus on the prayer...But my thoughts were on his shoes again.
Aren't we supposed to look our best...When walking through that door?
"Well, this certainly isn't it," I thought, Glancing toward the floor.
Then the prayer was ended...And the songs of praise began.
The shoe man was certainly loud...Sounding proud as he sang.
His voice lifted the rafters...His hands were raised high.
The Lord could surely hear...The shoe man's voice from the sky.
It was time for the offering...And what I threw in was steep.
I watched as the shoe man reached...Into his pockets so deep.
I saw what was pulled out...What the shoe man put in.
Then I heard a soft "clink"...as when silver hits tin.
The sermon really bored me...To tears, and that's no lie.
It was the same for the shoe man...For tears fell from his eyes.
At the end of the service...As is the custom here.
We must greet new visitors...And show them all good cheer.
But I felt moved somehow...And wanted to meet the shoe man.
So after the closing prayer...I reached over and shook his hand.
He was old and his skin was dark...And his hair was truly a mess.
But I thanked him for coming...For being our guest.
He said, "My names' Charlie...I'm glad to meet you, my friend."
There were tears in his eyes...But he had a large, wide grin.
"Let me explain," he said...Wiping tears from his eyes.
"I've been coming here for months...And you're the first to say 'Hi.'"
"I know that my appearance..."Is not like all the rest.
"But I really do try..." To always look my best."
"I always clean and polish my shoes..."Before my very long walk.
"But by the time I get here..."They're dirty and dusty, like chalk."
My heart filled with pain...and I swallowed to hide my tears.
As he continued to apologize...For daring to sit so near.
He said, "When I get here..."I know I must look a sight.
"But I thought if I could touch you..."Then maybe our souls might unite."
I was silent for a moment...Knowing whatever was said Would pale in comparison...I spoke from my heart, not my head.
"Oh, you've touched me," I said..."And taught me, in part;
"That the best of any man..."Is what is found in his heart."
The rest, I thought,...This shoe man will never know.
Like just how thankful I really am...That his dirty old shoe touched my soul
You are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.
I respect you, and truly cherish you.
Send this to your friends,
No matter how often you talk, Or how close you are.
And send it to the person who sent it to you.
Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will.

Remember, everyone needs a friend.
Someday you might feel like you have no friends at all.
Just remember this e-mail and take comfort in knowing that someone out
there cares about you...and always will.

An ACORN-Friendly, Big Labor-Backing, Tax-and-Spend Radical in GOP Clothing

Any study will illustrate as to what is wrong with the GOP leadership, and why so many are reluctant to submit their own monies to the RNC who in return support moderate to liberal left-wing candidates whom they themselves, do not support. So many moderate to liberal Republicans would support a Republican In Name Only (RINO) than to support a true Conservative which is in line the the GOP Platform. For the Republican Party to come back strong, the GOP leaders must clean up their own leadership qualities, and support the GOP Platform, and all candidates who support these fiscal and social values. When the values are right for all candidates, the GOP will win with resources, and our voters. - oyh

By Michelle Malkin


Yes, it’s time for the upside-down elephant. The Stupid Party is at it again. The subject of today’s column: An abomination in the NY23 special congressional race to replace former GOP Rep. John McHugh, who accepted President Obama’s Army Secretary position. Way to go, Beltway GOP establishment. Grass-roots fiscal conservatives are fired up over ACORN, the SEIU, tax-and-spend radicals. Grass-roots social conservatives are battling radical abortion and gay marriage policies. You have been asking movement conservatives to give you money to fight the ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend, radical Democrats.

Then you use their money to try and elect Dede Scozzafava, an ACORN-friendly, union-pandering, tax-and-spend radical Republican. And you use that money to fight Doug Hoffman, a viable, bona fide conservative candidate in the race who is closing the gap in the polls.

Watch your campaign coffers dry up, NRCC.

The GOP establishment: Always, always its own worst enemy.

Get out your air sickness bags. Guess who endorsed Scozzafava this morning? Newt Gingrich. I hear Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi approve!

Fight the GOP Beltway establishment. Contribute to Doug Hoffman today.
An ACORN-Friendly, Big Labor-Backing, Tax-and-Spend Radical in GOP Clothing

by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2009

Here’s the dirty little secret about political candidates and officeholders labeled by the mainstream media as “moderate Republicans”: There’s usually nothing moderate about them. Consider the case of “moderate Republican” Dede Scozzafava, the GOP nominee in the New York 23rd congressional district’s special election.

Handpicked by local party pooh-bahs and supported by Beltway GOP leaders, Scozzafava is vying to replace former GOP Rep. John McHugh, who abandoned his seat to accept President Obama’s nomination as Army Secretary. There’s certainly no urgency to tack left. The upstate New York district is as safe a Republican district as they come. The GOP has triumphed in every election there since 1871. Obama eked out a victory in the district last fall, but the Democrats have no real traction on the ground.

And the mood of the electorate near and far is far from electric blue. It’s not just Tea Party activists and health care town hall protesters displaying discontent with Big Government in Washington. A recent Gallup Poll reported that self-identified conservatives now outnumber self-identified liberals in all 50 states — and that more Americans nationwide now say they are conservative than have made that claim in any of the last four years.

Scozzafava is an abortion rights advocate who favors gay marriage. It would be one thing if Scozzafava balanced that social liberalism with fiscal conservatism. But as a state assemblywoman, she voted for massive tax increases, Democratic budgets and a $180 million state bank bailout. She also supported the trillion-dollar federal stimulus package — which every House Republican voted against.

More troubling, Scozzafava in past elections has embraced the ballot line of the Working Families Party — a socialist outfit whose political DNA is intertwined with scandal-ridden ACORN. ACORN and the WFP have shared office space in New York City, Arkansas and Illinois. ACORN head Bertha Lewis, a close Scozzafava friend and political supporter, wears a second hat as vice chairman of the WFP. The WFP has been listed in ACORN documents dating back to 2000 as an “affiliate.”

Under fire for her cozy relations with organizations that have shown lifelong hostility toward the Republican Party, Scozzafava now claims she would have voted to de-fund ACORN in the wake of the multiple BigGovernment.com sting videos showing ACORN employees advising undercover journalists on how to evade tax laws, lie on housing applications and smuggle underage illegal alien prostitutes.

But there’s another inextricably linked ACORN and WFP affiliate that Scozzafava would not likely disavow: Big Labor.

Refresher: The Service Employees International Union is co-located with several key ACORN offices across the country. ACORN founder Wade Rathke founded influential SEIU Local 100. As John Wilson reported in the New York Post this spring, the WFP’s largest donors are the SEIU, which pitched in more than $300,000, and the teachers union, which donated $200,000. These organizations have worked together to increase left-wing political clout, undermine capitalism and ensure “social justice” on the public’s dime.

Scozzafava’s husband is a leading upstate New York union organizer. She supports the federal “card-check” legislation that would massively boost union rolls — and Democratic voting rolls — at the expense of rank-and-file workers’ free choice. And for that matter, at the expense of Republican electoral prospects. Card check is the key to a Democratic majority in perpetuity. Big Labor bosses have said as much.

Movement conservatives and limited government activists are battling the establishment GOP over its endorsement of Scozzafava’s candidacy. The Club for Growth, former GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson and others have lined up behind a truly mainstream and viable candidate — Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman.

Meanwhile, “moderate Republican” Scozzafava has earned the enthusiastic endorsement of far-left blog entrepreneur and political strategist Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, who runs the Daily Kos website. He enthused that Scozzafava has “been willing to raise taxes when budgets require it, and is to the left of most Democrats on social issues.”

That’s not moderation. That’s extremist fringe. This race isn’t a fight over the heart and soul of the Republican Party. It’s a battle over its brain.
Jeri Thompson nails it: “The fact that Republican Party leaders in NY-23 and the NRCC ignored just about everything that has taken place over the past six months — the fight over the Obama stimulus package, the tea party rallies, the health care debate — and put Scozzafava on the ballot, indicates that we need more, not less, common sense and conservative values in the Republican Party. Hoffman represents conservatives’ best chance to send a national message to the Republican Party that they are a force to be reckoned with, and that Hoffman appears to have the energy from the grassroots to pull off a win and help lay the groundwork for a successful 2010 election cycle. As one Hoffman supporter told me yesterday, ‘The feeling of momentum is palpable. The race is between Doug and the Democrat…we hope Dede won’t be a spoiler for conservatives in this race.’”

The Washington Times spotlights the battle: Tea Party conservatives vs. the GOP.

Bill Kristol:

A new poll in the November 3 special election for the congressional seat, NY-23, vacated by Army Secretary John McHugh, confirms what knowledgeable observers have suspected for a while: The candidacy of the official Republican nominee, liberal Dede Scozzafava, selected by local party officials and supported by the national Republican establishment, is collapsing. The Republican who has a real chance to defeat Democrat Bill Owens is Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate—a Republican with a profile far more like the popular McHugh, and one far more in sync with the district. What’s more, if elected, Hoffman would caucus in Congress with Republicans—whereas Scozzafava could well pull an Arlen Specter and defect to the Democrats.

Two weeks ago, the Siena poll had Scozzafava at 35%, Owens at 28%, and Hoffman at 16%. Now Scozzafava, at 29%, trails Owens by 4—and leads Hoffman, who has risen to 23%, by only 6, compared to her 19 point lead over Hoffman two weeks ago. This despite a full-court press for Scozzafava by the state and national GOP establishment—including press releases from the National Republican Congressional Committee attacking Hoffman.

The new poll shows Democrats are coming home to Owens, and that Hoffman is leading among independents. (Scozzafava is running third among independents.) This suggests he’s a far more viable candidate than Scozzafava in the stretch run, especially if Republicans were to begin to coalesce around him—which might well happen if the GOP establishment stopped propping up Scozzafava.

Obamacare Is Not Reform. It’s Just Medicaid on Steroids.


The Washington Post reports:

Congressional budget analysts have given House leaders cost estimates for two competing versions of their plan to overhaul the health-care system … The report from the Congressional Budget Office, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post, puts the cost of one plan at $859 billion over the next decade and the other at $905 billion. … The cheaper version would rely heavily on a more dramatic expansion of Medicaid, the government health plan for the poor that is funded partly by the states — meaning already-strapped governors would have to pick up more of the cost of reform.

As we detailed this morning, the Senate Finance Committee bill attained its sub $1 trillion CBO report by shoving 14 million Americans into Medicaid. Medicaid is a convenient method for hiding the true cost of Obamacare because state and local governments pick up part of the tab.

Worse, Medicaid pays doctors and hospitals 20-25 percent less than does the private sector and as a result Medicaid patients often have trouble finding willing providers. In a 2008 sur­vey of the 51 Medicaid directors conducted for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, 17 reported some or significant problems with access to primary care, and 36 reported some or sig­nificant problems with access to specialty care. Americans are in for a rude awakening when they realize Obama’s health care reform means they have to participate in a welfare program.

In June, President Obama told Senate Democrats, “As we move forward on health care reform, it is not sufficient for us simply to add more people to Medicare or Medicaid.”

This is precisely what first the Senate, and now the House, is turning Obamacare into.

Hillary Clinton suffers ‘mis-speaking’ relapse with Belfast bomb claims

David Sharrock, Ireland Correspondent


Hillary Clinton has been caught out “mis-speaking” again in a manner that suggests that she hasn’t learnt from past experiences of her globe-trotting, “lily-gilding” speeches.

The US Secretary of State was exposed during her battle with Barack Obama to become the Democratic presidential nominee over her claims to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire


She was even described as “a wee bit silly” for claiming greater credit than was her due for the Irish peace process, having made several visits to Northern Ireland as First Lady.

She was back in Belfast last week, giving a gentle push to politicians dragging their heels over a final piece in the peace process jigsaw.

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Clinton tells Unionists to break deadlock http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6872009.ece

Hillary Clinton: fibber in chief http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/article3634746..ece

Clinton backtracks over Bosnia story http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article3617816.ece

But according to the Sunday Life newspaper, during a speech she made to the Stormont parliament she said that Belfast’s landmark Europa Hotel was devastated by an explosion when she first stayed there in 1995.

The Europa, where most journalists covering the decades-long conflict stayed, was famed as Europe’s most bombed hotel, earning the moniker “the Hardboard Hotel”.

However, the last Provisional IRA bomb to damage the Europa was detonated in 1993, two years before President Clinton and his wife checked in for the night.

The last time the Europa underwent renovations because of bomb blast damage was in January 1994, 22 months before the presidential entourage booked 110 rooms at the hotel.

Mrs Clinton told assembled politicians at Stormont: “When Bill and I first came to Belfast we stayed at the Europa Hotel ... even though then there were sections boarded up because of damage from bombs.”

During the presidential campaign Mrs Clinton drew on her Bosnia experience, saying: ”I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport but we just ran with our heads down to get in the vehicles to get to our base.”

After archive news footage was shown of her walking calmly from her plane with her daughter, Chelsea, Ms Clinton admitted: ”I did mis-speak the other day.

“This has been a very long campaign. Last week, for the first time in 12 years or so, I mis-spoke.”

A spokesman for Mrs Clinton said that she had simply been trying to express a sincere “perception” of a Belfast in darker days.

The spokesman told a Belfast newspaper: “We are not talking about the same thing [as ‘mis-speaking’ about Bosnia]. Secretary Clinton was simply contrasting.”

The (2nd) American Revolution is Coming


Commander Wilson has very succinctly hit the nail on the head. The resistance is forming, but to prevent outright revolution and bloodshed we need to be taking bolder moves NOW. I GUARANTEE that EVERY congressman and senator in Washington have skeletons in their closets, and there is someone who disagrees with the direction this country is going who knows about those skeletons. The democrats have been playing this game for a long time, and now it’s time to beat them at their own game. If we get enough of them embroiled in legal battles and scandals, perhaps even to the point that we can remove them from office, they will be too busy defending themselves and trying to save their jobs to march to Obama’s tune. If we don’t go on the attack now, as Commander Wilson states, 2010 may be too late because they will have gerrymandered the voting districts to the point that democrat control will be assured.

Obama and his fellow communists are driving this country inexorably toward a potentially bloody second American Revolution. They will be to blame for attempting to destroy the American way of life, but we the average Americans will also be to blame for not being the diligent, informed, proactive CITIZENS that we must be to defend our liberty. A revolution is coming, let there be no doubt. I just hope enough Americans awake from their slumber soon enough to prevent the loss of our nation.

When the revolution begins, I will not be the one who fired the first shot. But I will join Commander Wilson and the millions of other Americans who will be on the side of liberty and freedom to finish the fight.

God, please shine your mercy and grace upon America once again. Amen.


From Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson

We lived in California during the winters of 2007 and 2008. We became addicted to Fox News and watched O’Reilly and Hannity and Colmes every night.. When we got back home, we upgraded our cable to get Fox. I watched the Presidential campaign very closely. Initially because I thought the Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and then in astonishment when they chose an even more hard-left candidate. All of last year I told everyone I could that Obama was not a Democrat, he was a Marxist. He is far to the left of any European leader and even our far left party, the NDP.

I read Saul Alinsky when I was in University. I studied him and his writing carefully. When Bill Ayers and his idiot wife were bombing and killing people at random in the Weather Underground. Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were closely allied. I read David Horowitz’s account of changing from a Marxist to a conservative after seeing that the government was afraid to prosecute members of the Panthers for murdering his personal assistant. He suddenly understood the evil that Marxism really was.

After the student radicals failed in creating a Marxist revolution in the United States by violent means, they embraced Alinsky. You would be wise to read “Rules for Radicals” because it outlines how Hillary and Obama planned to get into power, and what they intended to do when they got it.

Socialism is not the correct descriptor for what Obama and the Democrats are doing. They are going to be much more far reaching than anything Sweden has ever been able to do. Obama is following Alinsky’s plans, those set out in “Rules for Radicals” and his other writing. The Democrats are attempting to create one party rule in the U. S.. and in achieving that, will create crisis after crisis by their own actions and use those crisis to nationalize the means of production in the U. S. You are in the middle of a communist revolution and few in the U. S. can actually see it for what it truly is.

The U. S. is now on the path of financial destruction. The Constitution has been shredded and individual human rights are being trampled. In less than 8 months. Obama has used a recession to take over the two largest industries in the U.. S. He will debase the Dollar and is on the road to creating an incredible energy shortage that will allow him and Congress to take over the energy industry.

But by and large I think that by the 2010 elections, the Democrats will have gerrymandered electoral districts to the point that it will be impossible for them to lose control of both houses of Congress. The incredible increase in the money supply is going to create Zimbabwe and Venezuela style inflation, and with it, controls on the currency and the amount of money that can be taken out of the country.

I love America , I cannot believe how the ignorance of the American public has created a situation whereby they are going to lose their Republic and slip into an age of repression and tyranny.

I may be nuts, but so far I have been 100% in my predictions of what Obama was going to do, because I merely had to look at “Rules for Radicals” to see what was coming next.

I read Glenn Beck’s book, “Common Sense” and in it re-read Thomas Paines pamphlet with the same name. I recommend the book.

When the storm finally hits (and it will), those of you who supported the Obama administration will be affected as well. It won’t just be us gun owners or Flat-Taxers, or Pro-Lifers that get hit. You’ll be right there next to us.

You all thought the Conservatives were nut cases. You know, all of us who believe in God, small government, the Second Amendment, etc. You thought you could just go back to sleep after the election was over. In your world, America will continue as before. You’ll still have the same rights, the same nice house, the same big screen television. After all, your high school football team won and the other team lost – go team! Even if you have bothered to look up from the daily grind since Nov 4th, you dismissed everything that has occurred as “politics as usual–the same old stuff”.

In the end, it’ll all be OK won’t it? Not this time.

There are a growing number of citizens in the US that are ready to fight to shut down the government’s grab of personal freedom, it’s blatant abuse of the constitution, and it’s an attempt to replace the American way of life with socialism. You have to listen carefully to hear them, but they are there. I won’t start that fight, but when it goes down I will join it.

As for you, why, you’ll be shocked because you didn’t see it coming. And eventually you’ll be saddened when you see that we have truly lost the way of life with which you grew up. You’ll be saddened that your children and grandchildren live in a socialist, government-controlled gulag where their every movement from cradle to grave is tracked by the government. But most of all, you’ll be saddened by the death of friends and relatives who are brave enough to fight and die for something they believe in.

You know, McCain wasn’t much of a candidate. I’ll give you that. He was the lesser of two evils for most of us. I don’t blame you for not voting for him since, at the time, you didn’t know what we all know now. But at least John McCain was an American. He was a supporter of the American way of life and he understood that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. He understood and appreciated the sacrifice made by my father and other members of the Greatest Generation.

Mark my words friends. All across America groups are forming. They are forming out of anger and out of desperation at the thought of losing America.. They’re not militia groups, terrorists as the Department of Homeland security would have you believe; they are Americans, loyal to the constitution. They are mothers and fathers and grandparents. They belong to groups like the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, the Peaceful Resistance, the Constitution Party, the Young Conservatives, the 9/12 Project, and Grassfire. Right now they are fragmented, each focused on their own cause. But sometime in the next two years, our government is going to do something really stupid and these groups will come together. Watch for it, wait for it — get ready. It will happen.

When that event happens, whatever “it” is, our great country is going to plunge into chaos for a while. I pray to God that we make it through that time and emerge a stronger, smarter country.

Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson, jerrywilson@centurytel.net

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Just One More Blonde Joke!

This blonde decides one day that she is sick and tired of all these blonde jokes and how all blondes are perceived as stupid. So, she decides to show her husband that blondes really are smart.

While her husband is off at work, she decides that she is going to paint a couple of rooms in the house. The next day, right after her husband leaves for work, she gets down to the task at hand.

Her husband arrives home at 5:30 and smells the distinctive smell of paint. He walks into the living room and finds his wife lying on the floor in a pool of sweat. He notices that she is wearing a heavy parka and a leather jacket at the same time. He goes over and asks her if she if OK. She replies yes. He asks what she is doing and she replies that she wanted to prove to him that not all blonde women are dumb, and she wanted to do it by painting the house.

He then asks her why she has a parka over her leather jacket. She replies that she was reading the directions on the paint can and said....


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