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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Monday, October 8, 2012

"Taking America Back" - Winning in 2012 – Instructions


By Oscar Y. Harward
Participating in politics is similar to participating on a football team.  In football, there are eleven (11) players on offense and eleven (11) players on defense on each play in a football game.  Each player on each side, offense and defense, has an integral function on “each and every play”.  On offense, the quarterback is the team leader.  Other team players are blocking for the quarterback, the running back(s), the wide receivers, etc.  On defense, each player follows the appointed and/or elected team leader.  Each player is trying to stop the opposing offense by attacking the blockers, the running back(s), the wide receivers, etc.  Each play of the defense’s job is to stop the opposing offense from running the football, by interrupting, or by providing inference of a pass to stop the opposing football team on offense.
In politics, as a team player on any team, group, organization, etc., everyone must become a player executing the best of his/her ability and responsibility as they participate at their greatest efforts to win.  On a political team, some individuals are public speakers, communicators, etc.  Some are writers; Letters to the Editor, editorials, etc.  Some are great at calling people on telephones, using an earlier prepared written script, asking voters to vote for a Party and/or candidate(s).  Some may walk through a neighborhood, knocking on doors and passing out political information to encourage the residents to vote for your political Party and/or candidate(s).  Some may hold a “Coffee” (serving coffee, cookies, etc.) in their own home, or in a church, community center, etc. to invite friends, neighbors, and other associates to meet your candidate(s) or your candidate(s) representative to meet and/or hear his/her views on the issues, and/or to receive donations for the political campaign(s).  Some may put up signs, according to local codes and laws.  Some give money for advertising and other campaign costs.  There are many other tasks that volunteers may perform in a campaign organization for success.  Encourage others to participate in any position as they feel more comfortable performing their best. 

All elections must be free, open, and totally honest.  At the same time, I am never shocked at the continuation of corrupt voting action(s) that many in politics will accept so long as it forwards their own agenda.  Again, all elections must be free, open, and totally honest.
General Election 2012, generally speaking, is an election for the voters to choose in electing candidate(s) for office(s) of many national, state, districts, and community representative(s) elections that support values and ideals you support.  All across America, the voters will usually have one choice between Democrat Party representatives and their Party Platform and/or Republican Party representatives and their Party Platform.  In isolated elections and locations, there will be representatives offered from other political parties. 

2012 General Election is primarily between the Democrat Party, represented by President Obama, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, and House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party Platform.  The Democrat Party represents most of the “out-of-control spending” and other radical “cram down (y)our throats” legislation as passed by the majority Democrat Party in the 111th Congress.

The GOP is represented by Republican Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, respectively, and Speaker of the House, John Boehner and the Republican Party Platform.  Republicans represent all who trust in a free and open economy, allowing American men and women to invest their resources into producing jobs within our economy.  Republicans support less government spending, lower taxes, a balanced budget, individual social issue freedoms, a strong national security, energy independence, and are opposed to the “radical” ObamaCare; “cram down (y)our throats” legislation as passed by the majority Democrat Party in the 111th Congress. 

The Democrat Party characterizes an out-of-control radical liberal spending as to provide everything, to everyone, all the time.  The Democrat Party continues to legislate that the best government is the most government. 

The Republican Party represents “Conservative” fiscal, social, and national security issues.  The Republican Party believes Americans may and should have the incentives to work harder and smarter to earn more than others who choose not to.  The Republican Party believes the best government is the least government; more “individual freedoms”. 

Today, most individuals have a Cellular telephone with a camera; still pictures and videos. 

In this election, when you see any sign of fraud, take pictures; contact your local Boards of Elections, your local police department, your local FBI office, and all of your local print, radio, and TV news Medias. 

Make a list of these telephone numbers and keep these in your purse, billfold, etc.  If you can take your own pictures, please do so. 


A.  Introduction – Goals for winning      

1.    Look at the big picture with all involvement; all National, State, District, and local candidates and issues.  Each candidate(s) must represent a large majority of the Political Party’s Platform. 

2.    Value the winning in the long term; an improved National, State, District, and local team. 

3.    Does winning really matter to Americans on fiscal, social, and national security values?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

4.    Is it drawing you and me closer to a majority of the people and to (y)our God and Judeo-Christian values?  Yes!
5.    Never be shocked at whatever your opposition party or candidate(s) may say or do.


B.  Organization and Initial Training. 

1.    Study the local elections’ law.  Ask your State, County, Municipal, etc. Board(s) of Elections and/or your local Republican Party Office to hold election “security training” on “do’s and/or do not’s”.  If lawyers and other election professionals are available and willing, let them teach, advise, and instruct, within the law. 

2.    Contacts - for working with local campaigns (Republican Party and/or specific candidates of choice). Share the leadership(s).  Encourage all family, friends, and other associates to support (y)our candidate(s) and vote on or before Election Day and encourage their friends to do likewise. 

3.    Public speaker – Under any candidates’ “permission”, speak in public forums. 

4.    Telephone calling - Define working calling list on telephone(s); never after 9:00 PM. Always keep written message to telephone recipient to “30 seconds or less”. 

5.    Political signs – know the state and local codes for political signage installation.  Make arrangements to remove signage after Election. 

6.    Handing out flyers - Put the flyers on automobiles, doors, or in paper boxes!  That is legal.  Inserting flyers not paid to the USPS in any US Postal Service (USPS) mail box is illegal. 

7.    Coffees - or other community “Meet the Candidate(s)” – Hold coffees or other meeting(s) in your home and/or other community buildings. 

8.    Political contributions – Donate to local political party, other support organizations, and/or directly to the candidate(s). 

9.    Security – Have telephone numbers for your local Board of Elections, your local police, your state police, volunteer lawyers on call and if available, local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and all members of the local Radio, TV, and print news media.  Immediately report illegal activity.  Make a list of telephone numbers and keep these numbers readily available in your purse, billfold, etc. 


C.  Self-Control - Expected. 

1.    Gives you a platform. 

2.    You can/must be trusted.                                                                                                                                            
           3.    Draws people to you without fear. 

4.    Make clear, legal, and honest decisions. 

5.    Avoid verbal attacks. 

6.    Avoid all violence and/or threats thereof. 

7.    Kind words, smiles, and all other positive actions are important. 

8.    Develop accountability in all areas. 

a.    Words (good or bad) and actions last forever.

b.    What comes to thought may usually come out.  Be careful with words.

c.    Do not get caught up in, “I didn’t say that”. 


D.  “Prayer and Love” are irresistible. 

1.    Words, Actions, and Attitudes 

2.    Joy is noticeable. 

3.    Peace is attractive. 

4.    Patience is necessary. 

5.    Kindness is memorable. 

6.    Goodness is revealing. 

7.    Faithfulness is evident. 

8.    Gentleness is contagious. 


E.   Speaking Points (for use or delete as you desire):
Issues: The most important issue of 2012 is “JOBS, JOBS, and more JOBS”.  Other issues include “lack of experience, ignorance, incompetence, dishonest, gasoline prices, and the list go on”.
The only issue the 2012 Democrat Party has to offer and will embrace is “Divide and Conquer”.  The Democrat Party issues are damaging and/or destroying our “precious” USA by fiscal, social, and national security matters related.
Additionally, Democrat Party candidates most probably will insert “race” as an inserted issue whenever they cannot objectively debate the “sensible” political topics.

TEA” Party – “Taxed Enough Already”: The “Taxed Enough Already” (TEA) Party supports less spending, lower taxes, smaller government, and more freedoms.  Most TEA Party members and supporters go along with Republican Party candidates on the same Conservative political issues.
The “Never Under Taxed” (NUT) Party represents the Democrat Party that continues to support the Democrat Party’s more spending, higher taxes, larger government, and lesser freedoms. 

Racial Issues:  Be careful.  I believe it is every effort by the Democrat Party to make General Election 2012 partially a campaign based on “race”.  Democrats cannot win any election without 90%-plus of the minority community.  Why the black community chooses to support the Democrat Party, I will never know.

There are many people of all races in the Democrat Party who will support the Democrats at all cost.  By rousing up the minority community over race, the Democrats will muddy the water by playing the “race card” to energize the voter turnout in the black communities.  Be careful in any debate; what comes to thought may usually come out.  Be careful with words.  There must not be any debate(s) on “racism”.
Electorate Anger:  Anger is growing across America directed at Democrat President Obama and his administration members, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and many other Democrats on Capitol Hill.  These leaders are willing to say and do anything, just to win and at all cost.
President Obama’s Qualifications:  President Obama may now be an elected to his office, but he lacks the necessary education, knowledge, and experience to competently serve as President of the US.  His record should also show that he lacks the ability to appoint qualified, knowledgeable, and/or professional “Pro-American” members to his Cabinet any other offices. 

Additionally, it is the majority Democrat Party in the US Senate who refuses to require Obama to prove he is a “natural born citizen” by his birth, as well as to prove “all” his college, university, professional, and other personal records that should, otherwise, be public records.  We must defeat all of these liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill. 

President Obama’s Staff Qualifications:  Many of Obama’s administration members failed to file/pay Federal taxes.  Now, his Department of Education’s National Education Association (NEA) leadership is following likewise.  Many of the NEA funds are coming from and/or being supported by (y)our taxpayers.  Most Democrats vote for tax increase; however, many fail to pay their taxes as legislated. 

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder appears to practice “Civil Rights” for Afro-Americans only?  AG Eric Holder appears to have a lot of anti-American legal background.  For example, “Fast and Furious” continues with what appears to be AG Eric Holder may have worked with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to allow illegal guns to be used by “Mexican Cartel drug dealers and murderers”.

Will anyone come up with a legitimate reason as to why Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed the prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri on his USS Cole attack that left an American Sailor dead? This President and Attorney General are “anti-American idiots”, politically speaking. 

Obama‘s Attorney General Eric Holder has several anti-American ideas to win on November 6, 2012.  Each idea will come out as time moves on to November 6. 

US Department of EducationThere is “Nothing” in the Constitution demanding or suggesting for the US government to operate a “federal educational system”.  The US Department of Education and the NEA have become “too embedded” in the bureaucracy with the Labor Union’s liberal philosophy.  Many have been instructed to just teach reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Our children are being denied an education in Grammar, English, US History and specifically our Constitutional freedoms as enclosed within, based on Judeo-Christian values, and Civics, etc. in the current “public education” system. 

It may be time for us to take a look at defunding and dissembling the “Labor Union” managed US Department of Education and return “public education” back to the individual states. 

President Obama Impeached?:  There are many instances where the US House of Representatives “could file charges of Impeachment against Obama”, but that is not going to happen until the radical liberal Democrat majority in the US Senate is defeated.  While many legal professional and scholars have sought for hearings before (y)our Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), all efforts have been rejected by the Court without debate. 

Why is the Democrat Party on Capitol Hill and the “mean-stream” Medias so silent in President Obama’s administration and their continuation of “untruthful statements” and/or lack of professional leadership?   Who will be the first Capitol Hill Democrat to call for Obama’s “Impeachment” hearings? 

Social, Judeo-Christian and Constitutional Freedoms:  Daily, in working "Taking America Back", it is imperative that we defeat each and every radical liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill to restore Judeo-Christian fiscal and social values based on Constitutional freedoms.  President Obama is “America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President”. 

When SCOTUS outlawed the Bible teachings in public schools, some children had parents who failed to attend any House of Worship, and did not practice Biblical teachings at home. With that, many children became unaware of the Bible and its teachings.  Now a large membership in the elective offices today does not practice, know, and/or teach God’s Word. 

We must ask SCOTUS to review and return God’s Word in ABINGTON SCHOOL DIST. v. SCHEMPP, 374 U.S. 203 (1963) back into America’s “public schools” to teach our children Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional freedoms. 

Every week or so, you find more and more fraud in the little less than $1Trillion “stimulus”, which I often refer to as the Obama/Reid/Pelosi thievery of taxpayers’ money in an effort to pay debts to the Labor Unions and others who supported the Democrat Party candidates. 

Will you step forward and vote to defeat each and every one of these “big-spenders” in an effort to restore America and our Constitution by defeating each and every radical liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill? 

Being a practicing Christian is becoming difficult in America. The Democrat Party, through their “lack-of-values”, their own rules, their legislation, and their appointments in the Judiciary, as other levels in government and through the “public schools”, our Colleges, and our University systems, have expressed their abuse and misuse of Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional freedoms. 

Republican Party participation on Capitol Hill:  Often, Obama would say that Republicans were refusing to go across the aisle and share with the majority Democrats.  The Republicans were refusing to support legislation as a majority of Americans were saying “NO” to the Democrat Party’s “ObamaCare” as well as other wasteful “Stimulus” spending.  Under President Obama, Harry Reid, and the Nancy Pelosi team leadership, Democrat Party members usually “would never cross the aisle” in support of more Conservative amendments and/or legislations offered by Republican Party members.

The Republican majority House offers many amendments and other legislations for creating and expanding jobs to the Senate; however, the majority Democrat Party Senate leadership instructs their fellow Democrats to defeat all GOP amendments and other legislations. 

Labor Unions:  President Obama makes certain that he is looking out for his Labor Unions which spend so much of their money on his and other Democrat Party (re-)elections. These Unions refuse to invest their own retirement investments into the failing manufacturing within our economy which they drive out of business as Labor Unions force businesses to pay higher wages and benefits for their manufactured product costs so as to exceed other competitive products in the world's market. 

Workers are seeking jobs which are in short supply, and many of these same people want jobs in manufacturing.  Labor Unions usually refuse but must learn to respect Americans’ businesses and their effort to earn profits in their world-economy competitiveness so as to survive. 

Illegal Immigration:  “Illegal immigrants” come to America, usually with others’ stolen Social Security Number, and with that, maybe obtain another ID such as a “Driver’s Operator’s License” from a state which issued “Operator’s License” to “illegal immigrants”, and they are on their way. The “illegal immigrants” are then able to use and abuse our hospitals, our other medical facilities, our Social Services, our public schools, etc., all at the expense of working Americans.  These added costs prevent our own citizens from receiving their own adequate government needs and services. 

Our US Immigration has a professional, credible, and “legal immigration” process in coming to America.  All immigrants must obey US laws.  All elected and appointed government must honor and obey US laws. 

Islamic Muslims:  As for me, I choose to practice as Dr. Michael Kessler, who is Assistant Director of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and Visiting Assistant Professor of Government at Georgetown University, said in the Washington Post, "Islam is not a religion”.  “It is a violent political ideology of which religion is only one component and is based on its own set of laws that has no tolerance for non-Muslims." 

President Obama appears to further “represent and support” Muslims including the Palestinians, Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Taliban, and any other associated groups of “Islam” ahead of Americans. 

Islamic Muslims are using our Constitutional freedoms to destroy our great nation socially, economically, and militarily by using (y)our same US Constitution to replace our Judeo-Christian values with “Islam” and “Sharia Law”. 

Sharia Law must go, be eliminated, be defeated!  Islam is not a religion as we in all Judeo-Christian nations believe, trust, and practice.  There is so much evidence that Islamic Muslims are a “group” who are out to kill “infidels; all Americans, Jews, and everyone around the world who disagrees with their philosophy.  They even kill their own family who disagree with the Islamic Muslim “Quran”.  Remember, Islamic Muslins, the “Religion of Peace”, for more than 1,000 years, have been killing all “infidels” who oppose “Islam”.  Quran was written by “only one man”.  By claiming religion, they get around tax, civil, and criminal laws within. Many Muslims are anti-American.  American laws should disallow tax deductible status to the Islamic Muslims and the ACLU. 

If you give Islamic Muslim communities all of Europe and all of Africa, leaving only 100 acres of land to the Judeo-Christian community, the radical Islamic Muslim community will make every effort to “destroy” the 100 acres of land belonging to the Judeo-Christian community. The radical Islamic Muslim community continues to show their “hate” of anyone within the Judeo-Christian community. 

“Sharia Law” is part of the radical Islamic Muslim ideals (remember, I said ideals.  I did not say religion as I believe their beliefs are not part of any religion). 

Team of Warriors:  Again, encourage all team members the importance in voting to build American “warriors” who will step forward in an effort to restore America by defeating each and every radical liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill to restore Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional freedoms. There still are many white Democrats who will support the Democrat Party at all cost. Then by stirring up the minority community over race, the Democrats want to muddy the water by playing the race card to get the black community out to vote democrat. 

Democrat Party Destroying America:  An example as to how Obama, his administration, and the majority Democrat Party are destroying America and our health care system: 

First, they “cram down our throats” ObamaCare; then fail to defend American businesses, private and public, and they support disobeying the US Laws to stop “illegal immigration”.  It is all at taxpayers’ expense. 

Secondly, at the 2012 Democrat National Committee (DNC) National Convention, “God” and “Jerusalem” was removed from the Democrat Party Platform.  After a “political stir”, “God” and “Jerusalem” was “crammed down their throats” as previous.  The radical issues continue. 

Defeated Liberals:  Quite often in America, we defeat the liberals in elections.  Many of the former elected persons gets a job in the College and/or Educational  system as a Professor, Counselor, Debater, etc., teaching (y)our children the left-wing message we all just defeated in the election process. 

We must demand our educators to teach our American children more about our Founding Fathers, our US History, and our US Constitution and its internal freedoms, rather than teachings of and by our “Labor Union” membership teachers in our “public schools”, our colleges, and our Universities.

          There still are many white Democrats who will support the Democrat Party at
           all cost. Then by stirring up the minority community over race, the Democrats
           want to muddy the water by playing the race card to get the black   
            community out to vote democrat.

Obama’s Labor Union Support:  This President and his administration do protect his radical left-wing Labor Union supporters. The President, his Attorney General, and many others in his administration should be impeached for their illegal activity. 

Ground Zero:  Many Democrats on Capitol Hill support the Islamic Muslim Mosque to be built at “Ground Zero”.  Do not allow these “Islamic Muslim” known killers to build a Mosque at Ground Zero.  You may be allowing an enemy’s warehouse for war supplies on "hallowed ground".  Who is to decide that the Islam Muslin congregation is even a religion, rather than an assembly of assassins?  Many of these Capitol Hill Democrats are funded by “Islamic Muslims”.

Constitutional Convention:  America, we “do not want a Constitutional Convention” with any radical left-wing liberals in charge of “any part” of government.
Imagine what could happen with a Constitutional Convention under the current leadership in the White House and the US Senate.  We have an excellent Constitution.  The problem is that so many ignore, violate, fracture, and/or other abuse our Constitution and US Code.
Just say “NO” to any thought of a Constitutional Convention while America has any radical left-wing liberals in charge of government at any level. 

Summary:  Daily, we must work together in "Taking America Back".  It is imperative that we defeat each and every radical liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill to restore Judeo-Christian values and Constitutional freedoms.  Electing Conservatives at the States and local level is a base for Constitutional freedoms as the elected and other appointed officials emerge.
The difference between losing and winning is the “little things”.  By inserting an additional 10% effort above your norm, you will see success!  To be successful, you must be aggressive in identifying the weaknesses of your opponents, and to point out the weaknesses to your electorate. 

One of the "most important thing" to institute at any meeting(s) is to be able to count; "count the necessary votes to win", on the issue(s) that usually is a required majority.
Do not bring up any issue(s) to vote on when your enemies have more votes to defeat your own issue(s). 
Prior to, and before the meeting(s), get on your telephone, send E-mails, walk and talk door-to-door, talk to your family, neighbors, and friends to get the necessary number of votes to the meeting(s), etc. and make sure each knows how to vote in each election on your issue(s).

Never get in a battle of wits without ammunition. - American Proverb

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