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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The top five reasons Barack Obama should not be re-elected as President.

Socialism is a failing system on “freedoms”. 

President Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats address their “Socialism”, primarily, to the minorities as the poorest of the poor in their election(s) for votes by promising all the needs, all the time, for all the people. 

Under Socialism, the government begins to fail as the money runs out, leaving the poorest of the poor hungry for food; even dying for being denied food and water, healthcare, etc.  Americans are in debt to the tune exceeding $16 trillion; debt that will require our children, their children, their children, etc. to suffer in an effort to pay our debts. 

When will all awaken?  You can now see the poverty-stricken people in African nations. – Oscar Y. Harward


Every Democrat needs to watch this video, it might open their eyes and change their party affiliation.
 I wish someone would make a video that goes viral that explains to African American Democrats that the Republican’s freed them from slavery. The Democrats kept them in slavery and the Democrats voted in the Jim Crow laws, to further deprive African American’s of the rights most other were allowed to enjoy.

This video highlight a number of reasons why American’s should elect a Republican party into the White House. With all of the controversy swirling around Obama I find it truly amazing that any normal person that loves America would allow him back into the White House.

I am hopeful that the truth will soon emerge that will show how Obama was able to gain entrance into Occidental College. I am 110% certain that he did so under affirmative action and using his Indonesian passport. If that evidence ever presents itself, charges of treason would be in order along with criminal charges against Pelosi and Reid for not having vetted him properly.

The good news is that true to form Biden came across as an angry condescending, rude, and somewhat angry old man. On the other hand, similar to governor Romney, Ryan came across as someone very more than capable of assuming the office of the Vice President.


Well I and a majority of citizens can see that most liberals are yet Obama supporters who have drank more than their share of Obama Bath Water.. Let us take a closer look at your thinking.. As a Democrat, you are most likely to oppose the Death Penalty for a Child Raping Killer because he maybe innocent and the method of death is cruel and unusual punishment.

Abortion, Planned Parent Hood,
Yet you also most likely will foam a the mouth in support of Abortion, the right to kill 3000+ babies a day, without charges of a capital punishment crime, no representation, no trial, no appeal rights.

And will be killed by being torn apart piece by piece or will be dragged down the birth canal by its feet until a sharp instrument can be shoved into the base of the scull to scramble the brain and/or sucked it out.. Stats show that the majority of Abortions are performed on unwanted GIRLS, and BLACKS.

Disproportionately BLACK babies lead as targets of Abortion over any other race.. Abortion is not a justifiable contraceptive. Not when the most innocent of all of us has to die in the most horrible manner.. Any other group who kills 3000+ of our children daily would cause a WAR upon them… But it does not end here with Abortion.

European Liberal Professors now justify the killing of living Children if they are a burden to the family, one example is Downs Children with the reasoning being that sense they have no concept of their humanism and human potential they are no different than an unborn child so it matters not if it is killed within the mother or out..

Gays, Marriage,
What a slippery slope Democrats would lead us.. Freedom of Marriage for GAYS is a warm and fuzzy cause in order to garner the GAY vote, it has led the Democrats down the road by GAY demands to indoctrinate our children in public schools to accept “alternate life styles” and into the court system in supporting adoptions by GAY couples.. Now the movement is looking at Pedophile acceptance as a normal life style.. Democrats have started down a slippery slope.. As a Conservative, I don’t care if GAYS join in some sort of Legal service.. Just don’t call it a Marriage which has been defined world wide by all religions and cultures as being between a man and woman.. Let Gays have the freedom to NAME their own ‘coming together’, no pun intended… Religious freedom? Are you kidding me..

Separation of Church & State,
Liberal Democrats have led the charge with “Separation of Church and State”, a tag line found in NO FOUNDING DOCUMENTS, but referred to in a letter… Liberal Democrats are well known for their attacks and lies about Christianity and their love affair with Islam and the concessions made to it.

Democrats purposely ignore that 2nd part of the 1st Amendment dealing with religion “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”… it does not give exceptions to schools or public owned land or buildings… Government has to recognize ALL religions equally and is by law refrained from prohibiting its practice ANYWHERE as long as no one is Forced to pray or participate in the religious service.

Being offended is not a RIGHT to be free from… And I would note that this liberal Government has made laws and rules for the State department to give Muslim Countries the funds to support their economies and to repair or build Islamic Mosque for them with OUR tax dollars, a clear violation of the 1st Amendment… A clear violation of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” in this case Islam. It does not matter if it is in a foreign land.. Don’t even go there on Democrats for Religious Freedom. You are loosing your own Christian members do to some new Goals set down by your anti-Christian leader.

Health Care, Socialized Health care,
Now let us look at Obamacare, yeah, the bill that has to be passed if we want to see what’s in it.
Obamacare under different names has been tried in Europe and other nations for some time, we can see the financial havoc it has caused them, but OUR version is even more frightening in the many laws it contains having NOTHING to do with healthcare.. Stuff that only gives Government unbridled power over us.. No wonder Democrats crammed it down our throats with out allowing time to read it or Amend it.. It is nothing more than a power grab.. And History teaches that Socialized Medicine REQUIRES a Death Panel to keep cost down, it can be called any fuzzy warm name you want but its function is to limit benefits to those who are deemed as beyond benefiting the most… AS people learn what is actually in this so called healthcare program, opposition to it grows from BOTH the left and right.. And as far as what Obama won’t do, it has already started.

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