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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ConservativeChristianRepublican-Report - 20090902


Promoting "God's Holy Values and American Freedoms"!

"Reader comments on ConservativeChristianRepublican-Report"

By Pat Grant

I enjoy your newsletter.

I find it encouraging and enlightening to read.

When you read the Bible verses and the quotes from past centuries and then compare it to those of today, man (and woman) has not changed all that much. The settings may have changed, the fashions may have changed, but the heart of mankind is still selfish and greedy and me-thinkers just like they have been from the beginning. God, His word and His promises are the only things in the whole that has not changed.

The news media decides what will be brought to our attention and what will sell and what's hot and what's not. Deep down inside nothing is new under the son as the writer of Ecclesiastes points out.

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Quality is never an accident…It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives. -- Will Foster

"Daily Devotions" (KJV and/or NLT)

Oh, that we might know the Lord! Let us press on to know Him! (Hosea 6:3)

The most astounding news we can ever hear is that God, the almighty Creator of heaven and earth, invites us to have an intimate relationship with Him. He makes it simple for us to do so. Knowing God intimately can transform your life into one of passion, joy, adventure, and peace. With a clearer understanding of the greatness of our God we will be able to understand the depths of His love.

Someone asked Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, if God existed. He replied, "The question is not relevant. If there were a God, man could not comprehend him anyway. So what good would it be to have such a God?"

Some "religious" people consider God a force, an evil spirit, or something encased in wood or stone. As a result, their concept of God is hazy or impersonal.

If God were merely an energy force or a composite of the universe as New Age philosophies teach, knowing Him personally would be impossible. And if God were merely an idol, made by man's hand from wood or some precious metal, our efforts to know Him would be futile. How could a human have a relationship with an energy force or inanimate object?

But God's Word reveals God as a personal Spirit; therefore, we can know Him personally. This may seem like such a simple concept, but it is the underlying truth on which we base our understanding of God.

"The Patriot Post"

"I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." -- Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Charles Jarvis, 1820

"Measures which serve to abridge ... free competition .... have a tendency to occasion an enhancement of prices." -- Alexander Hamilton

"Obama has said his opponents were trying to 'scare and mislead the American people,' when in fact his opponents are the American people whom he is trying to scare and mislead." -- columnist David Limbaugh

"Nazi Germany is a useful historical example of socialism run amok. The genocide and terrorism ultimately practiced by the Nazis were horrible -- that goes without saying. But National Socialism went on for a dozen years, it was the last stage in a progressive nationalization of German society, and there was a lot more to it than genocide and terrorism. It cannot be that because there was genocide and terrorism, the socialist aspects of National Socialism are outside the lines of acceptable political discourse." -- columnist Andrew McCarthy


Defeat capitalism: "We talked to several health care experts today, and they all said if you take out the public option in terms of insurance, there's going to be no restraints on the cost of insurance." -- ABC anchor head Charles Gibson

Horrors!: "A man at a pro-health care reform rally .... wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip..... [T]here are questions about whether this has racial overtones.... [W]hite people showing up with guns." -- MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, fretting over ObamaCare protesters legally carrying guns, but neglecting to mention the man she described was black


Playing head games to achieve his goal: "All I'm saying is, though, that the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. This is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it." -- Barack Obama

Teleprompted crowd: "Somebody here who, uhh, has a concern about health care that has not been raised or is skeptical and suspicious and wants to make sure that -- because I don't want people thinking I -- I -- I just have a bunch of plants in here." -- Barack Obama to a bunch of plants at a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Taxpayer funding of abortion: "Abortion will be covered as a benefit by one or more of the health care plans available to Americans, and I think it should be." -- Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)

Isn't that nice: "The president considers himself a son of Africa." -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton


It's not "reform," it's a takeover: "You can't really have reform without a public option. If you don't want to have the public option, .... just do a little insurance reform ... and then we'll tackle health reform another time. But let's not pretend we're doing reform without a public option." -- head of the grass-roots group Democracy for America Howard "The Scream" Dean


"No shouting. Congressional representatives cannot sell Obamacare with mobs of unruly senior citizens and small-business owners interrupting to press them on specific sections of the bill. Limit your objections to a library whisper and only challenge your lawmakers with hushed, dulcet tones. Otherwise, you will scare them, and they will be forced to hide behind teleconference calls, sick children at hospitals or union bosses. If, on the other hand, you are attending a presidential town hall to show your affection and approbation, 'spirited' chanting is acceptable." -- columnist Michelle Malkin

"The only thing growing faster than the federal deficit and debt is Chris Matthews' man crush on Obama." -- Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

"President Obama tried to sell health care reform at a town hall Tuesday. He is not getting a lot of help from allies. He walked outside thinking he'd made the case for government-run health care when Cuba announced they were out of toilet paper." -- comedian Argus Hamilton

"The Web"

Obama Approval Sinks to New Low


Democrats Losing Control


Dog Falls For Cat


U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds

By Joseph Abrams


NEW YORK — The United Nations is recommending that children as young as five receive mandatory sexual education that would teach even pre-kindergarteners about masturbation and topics like gender violence.

The U.N.'s Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a 98-page report in June offering a universal lesson plan for kids ranging in age from 5-18, an
"informed approach to effective sex, relationships" and HIV education that they say is essential for "all young people."

The U.N. insists the program is "age appropriate," but critics say it's exposing kids to sex far too early, and offers up abstract ideas — like "transphobia" — they might not even understand.

"At that age they should be learning about .... the proper name of certain parts of their bodies," said Michelle Turner, president of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, "certainly not about masturbation."

Turner was disturbed by UNESCO's plans to explain to children as young as nine about the safety of legal abortions, and to advocate and "promote the right to and access to safe abortion" for everyone over the age of 15.

"This is absurd," she told FOXNews.com.

The UNESCO report, called "International Guidelines for Sexuality Education," separates children into four age groups: 5-to-8-year-olds, 9-to-12-year-olds, 12-to-15-year-olds and 15-to-18-year-olds.
Under the U.N.'s voluntary sex-ed regime, kids just 5-8 years old will be told that "touching and rubbing one's genitals is called masturbation" and that private parts "can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself."

• Click here to see the report.

By the time they're 9 years old, they'll learn about "positive and negative effects of 'aphrodisiacs," and wrestle with the ideas of "homophobia, transphobia and abuse of power."

At 12, they'll learn the "reasons for" abortions — but they'll already have known about their safety for three years. When they're 15, they'll be exposed to direct "advocacy to promote the right to and access to safe abortion."

Child health experts say they are wary of teaching about the sticky topic of abortion, but stress that as long as messages stay age-appropriate, educating kids at a younger age helps better steer them into adulthood.

"The adults are more leery of [early sex-ed] than the kids are," said Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a child psychiatrist in New York. "Our own fears sometimes prevent us from being as open and honest with our kids as possible."

Hartstein, however, who didn't see much harm in explaining basic concepts that kids of all ages will have questions about, was baffled by some of the ideas the U.N. hoped to introduce to kids as young as 5 years old, who will be taught about "gender roles, stereotypes and gender-based violence."

"I want to know how you teach that to a 5-year-old," Hartstein told FOXNews.com.

Despite those challenges, the U.N. insists that "in a world affected by HIV and AIDS ... there is an imperative to give children and young people the knowledge, skills and values to understand and make informed decisions."

UNESCO officials said the guidelines were "co-authored by two leading experts in the field of sexuality education" — Dr. Doug Kirby, an adolescent sexuality expert, and Nanette Ecker, the former director of international education and training at the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Their report was based on a "rigorous review" of sex-ed literature, "drawing upon 87 studies from around the world," said Mark Richmond, director of UNESCO's Division for the Coordination of U.N. Priorities in Education, in an e-mailed statement.

Richmond defended teaching about masturbation as "age-appropriate" because even in early childhood, "children are known to be curious about their bodies." Their lessons, he added, would hopefully help kids "develop a more complex understanding of sexual behaviour" as they grow into adults.

But Michelle Turner, of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, said that such roles should be left up to parents, and worried that children were being exposed to too much information too soon.

"Why can't kids be kids anymore?" she said.

ObamaCare out of touch with U.S. physicians

Jim Brown - OneNewsNow


A new poll finds that despite the American Medical Association's support for President Obama's healthcare plan, most specialty doctors strongly oppose the plan.

The American Society of Medical Doctors has released a poll of physicians that finds 86 percent of specialty doctors believe that the American Medical Association has become too political and has lost touch with the doctors it represents.

The American Medical Association, or AMA, which gave Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy its highest award for public service earlier this year, has endorsed President Obama's government-run healthcare plan. Seventy percent of the specialty doctors surveyed in the poll said they oppose current congressional and White House proposals for healthcare reform.

Jean Card, a spokeswoman for the American Society of Medical Doctors, says the polling shows that many doctors fear President Obama's healthcare plan threatens their ability to honor the Hippocratic Oath.

"If you can't live up to your oath, if you feel like this bureaucracy and this clumsy government system is in between you and your patient, well then a doctor thinks 'No, I have to go with my oath, and if I have to say no to government to follow my oath, then I will,'" she says.

The poll released by the American Society of Medical Doctors also found that 66 percent of specialty physicians believe that a government-run health insurance plan would restrict doctors' ability to give the best advice and offer the best possible care to their patients.

The Cross-Walk


Every once in a while, a seemingly-simple email comes around that ends up being quite profound. This is one of them. I received this from my nephew, Karan Singh, who resides in Delhi and felt strongly that you would all enjoy and welcome the simple wisdom therein. I have written my own words as a meaningful text to accompany the meaningful illustration. Enjoy and share.

We often complain about the cross we bear, but don't realize that it is a gift of divine love preparing us for the dip in the road that we cannot see our self, but which our higher Self can!

“The cross you bear is so darn heavy You wish you need not pay this levy. Each time you experience another fall, Another stumble to readily stall The path you thought was going so well; You wish you could climb out of this hell.

Hey, did you ever see with any clarity That big picture pointing to eternity? Did you ever wonder each time you fell How soon you were up and feeling swell? Ever consider the divine within That constantly nurtures your every whim Then picks you up in her warm embrace In that very moment you feel out of grace?

When you do, you’ll know with certainty Each fall was planned by your own divinity To remind you of the lesson to learn, To imprint on you at every turn, To goad and push and lovingly provide The experience you need to joyfully reside Once more in that loving perfection you are, Always have been, and for evermore!

Each moment is filled with experienced love, Each moment a part of your learning curve, As such, you may not so easily see
Behind the ‘curve’ a miracle of thee, Of thee that is so loving and wise, Eternal perfection in every guise.”

Glenn Beck: The Letter


GLENN: I got a letter from a woman in Arizona. She writes an open letter to our nation's leadership: I'm a home grown American citizen, 53, registered Democrat all my life. Before the last presidential election I registered as a Republican because I no longer felt the Democratic Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. Now I no longer feel the Republican Party represents my views or works to pursue issues important to me. The fact is I no longer feel any political party or representative in Washington represents my views or works to pursue the issues important to me. There must be someone. Please tell me who you are. Please stand up and tell me that you are there and that you're willing to fight for our Constitution as it was written. Please stand up now. You might ask yourself what my views and issues are that I would horribly feel so disenfranchised by both major political parties. What kind of nut job am I? Will you please tell me?

Well, these are briefly my views and issues for which I seek representation:

One, illegal immigration. I want you to stop coddling illegal immigrants and secure our borders. Close the underground tunnels. Stop the violence and the trafficking in drugs and people. No amnesty, not again. Been there, done that, no resolution. P.S., I'm not a racist. This isn't to be confused with legal immigration.

Glenn Beck's Common Sense - Now available in book stores nationwide...

Two, the TARP bill, I want it repealed and I want no further funding supplied to it. We told you no, but you did it anyway. I want the remaining unfunded 95% repealed. Freeze, repeal.

Three: Czars, I want the circumvention of our checks and balances stopped immediately. Fire the czars. No more czars. Government officials answer to the process, not to the president. Stop trampling on our Constitution and honor it.

Four, cap and trade. The debate on global warming is not over. There is more to say.

Five, universal healthcare. I will not be rushed into another expensive decision. Don't you dare try to pass this in the middle of the night and then go on break. Slow down!

Six, growing government control. I want states rights and sovereignty fully restored. I want less government in my life, not more. Shrink it down. Mind your own business. You have enough to take care of with your real obligations. Why don't you start there.

Seven, ACORN. I do not want ACORN and its affiliates in charge of our 2010 census. I want them investigated. I also do not want mandatory escrow fees contributed to them every time on every real estate deal that closes. Stop the funding to ACORN and its affiliates pending impartial audits and investigations. I do not trust them with taking the census over with our taxpayer money. I don't trust them with our taxpayer money. Face up to the allegations against them and get it resolved before taxpayers get any more involved with them. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, hello. Stop protecting your political buddies. You work for us, the people. Investigate.

Eight, redistribution of wealth. No, no, no. I work for my money. It is mine. I have always worked for people with more money than I have because they gave me jobs. That is the only redistribution of wealth that I will support. I never got a job from a poor person. Why do you want me to hate my employers? Why ‑‑ what do you have against shareholders making a profit?

Nine, charitable contributions. Although I never got a job from a poor person, I have helped many in need. Charity belongs in our local communities, where we know our needs best and can use our local talent and our local resources. Butt out, please. We want to do it ourselves.

Ten, corporate bailouts. Knock it off. Sink or swim like the rest of us. If there are hard times ahead, we'll be better off just getting into it and letting the strong survive. Quick and painful. Have you ever ripped off a Band‑Aid? We will pull together. Great things happen in America under great hardship. Give us the chance to innovate. We cannot disappoint you more than you have disappointed us.

Eleven, transparency and accountability. How about it? No, really, how about it? Let's have it. Let's say we give the buzzwords a rest and have some straight honest talk. Please try ‑‑ please stop manipulating and trying to appease me with clever wording. I am not the idiot you obviously take me for. Stop sneaking around and meeting in back rooms making deals with your friends. It will only be a prelude to your criminal investigation. Stop hiding things from me.

Twelve, unprecedented quick spending. Stop it now.

Take a breath. Listen to the people. Let's just slow down and get some input from some nonpoliticians on the subject. Stop making everything an emergency. Stop speed reading our bills into law. I am not an activist. I am not a community organizer. Nor am I a terrorist, a militant or a violent person. I am a parent and a grandparent. I work. I'm busy. I'm busy. I am busy, and I am tired. I thought we elected competent people to take care of the business of government so that we could work, raise our families, pay our bills, have a little recreation, complain about taxes, endure our hardships, pursue our personal goals, cut our lawn, wash our cars on the weekends and be responsible contributing members of society and teach our children to be the same all while living in the home of the free and land of the brave.

I entrusted you with upholding the Constitution. I believed in the checks and balances to keep from getting far off course. What happened? You are very far off course. Do you really think I find humor in the hiring of a speed reader to unintelligently ramble all through a bill that you signed into law without knowing what it contained? I do not. It is a mockery of the responsibility I have entrusted to you. It is a slap in the face. I am not laughing at your arrogance. Why is it that I feel as if you would not trust me to make a single decision about my own life and how I would live it but you should expect that I should trust you with the debt that you have laid on all of us and our children. We did not want the TARP bill. We said no. We would repeal it if we could. I am sure that we still cannot. There is such urgency and recklessness in all of the recent spending.

From my perspective, it seems that all of you have gone insane. I also know that I am far from alone in these feelings. Do you honestly feel that your current pursuits have merit to patriotic Americans? We want it to stop. We want to put the brakes on everything that is being rushed by us and forced upon us. We want our voice back. You have forced us to put our lives on hold to straighten out the mess that you are making. We will have to give up our vacations, our time spent with our children, any relaxation time we may have had and money we cannot afford to spend on you to bring our concerns to Washington. Our president often knows all the right buzzword is unsustainable. Well, no kidding. How many tens of thousands of dollars did the focus group cost to come up with that word? We don't want your overpriced words. Stop treating us like we're morons.

We want all of you to stop focusing on your reelection and do the job we want done, not the job you want done or the job your party wants done. You work for us and at this rate I guarantee you not for long because we are coming. We will be heard and we will be represented. You think we're so busy with our lives that we will never come for you? We are the formerly silent majority, all of us who quietly work , pay taxes, obey the law, vote, save money, keep our noses to the grindstone and we are now looking up at you. You have awakened us, the patriotic spirit so strong and so powerful that it had been sleeping too long. You have pushed us too far. Our numbers are great. They may surprise you. For every one of us who will be there, there will be hundreds more that could not come. Unlike you, we have their trust. We will represent them honestly, rest assured. They will be at the polls on voting day to usher you out of office. We have cancelled vacations. We will use our last few dollars saved. We will find the representation among us and a grassroots campaign will flourish. We didn't ask for this fight. But the gloves are coming off. We do not come in violence, but we are angry. You will represent us or you will be replaced with someone who will. There are candidates among us when he will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes that you have made of our constitution.

Democrat, Republican, independent, libertarian. Understand this. We don't care. Political parties are meaningless to us. Patriotic Americans are willing to do right by us and our Constitution and that is all that matters to us now. We are going to fire all of you who abuse power and seek more. It is not your power. It is ours and we want it back. We entrusted you with it and you abused it. You are dishonorable. You are dishonest. As Americans we are ashamed of you. You have brought shame to us. If you are not representing the wants and needs of your constituency loudly and consistently, in spite of the objections of your party, you will be fired. Did you hear? We no longer care about your political parties. You need to be loyal to us, not to them. Because we will get you fired and they will not save you. If you do or can represent me, my issues, my views, please stand up. Make your identity known. You need to make some noise about it. Speak up. I need to know who you are. If you do not speak up, you will be herded out with the rest of the sheep and we will replace the whole damn congress if need be one by one. We are coming. Are we coming for you? Who do you represent? What do you represent? Listen. Because we are coming. We the people are coming.

A New Alliance: Venezuela, Russia, and China


A strengthening alliance between anti-American President Hugo Chavez's oil-rich Venezuela and powerhouses Russia and China threatens to create a new world order hostile to the West.

Chavez declared during a visit to China in April, "A new world is being born, a new balance, the multipolar world that we have all dreamed about for a long time.

"The unipolar world went down, the power of the empire of the United States, and Mao Zedong ended up being right when he talked of the 'paper tiger' of the empire."

TMIGroup.org pointed to these ominous signs of economic and military cooperation among the three nations:

Venezuela spent $3.4 billion on military equipment from Russia in 2007 and plans to spend another $4 billion this year.
Venezuela and Russia held joint naval exercises last year, and a Russian official said the Latin American nation has offered Russia a base for Russian strategic bombers in Venezuela.
Oil shipments from Venezuela to China are expected to reach 1 million barrels a day within four years, and China is building three refineries to handle the Venezuelan oil.
Trade between China and Venezuela now stands at $40 billion a year, up from $200 million a decade ago.
China and Venezuela are jointly developing oil fields in Venezuela's Orinoco region, and constructing a jointly owned fleet of oil tankers.
Two Russian companies are also set to develop oil fields in the Orinoco region.
Chavez confirmed in September 2008 that Venezuela had purchased 24 Chinese jets.
A Chinese rocket launched Venezuela's first telecommunications satellite into space from a site in southwest China last October.
"Chavez's dream of a new world order is no pipe dream," according to TMIGroup's publication called Memorandum to File.

"He is using the oil riches of his country to forge military and economic alliances with Russia and China, in an effort to counter U.S. influence in Latin America.

"He is also using these alliances to extend his own influence over the region, with the help of Cuba's Raul Castro."

"The e-mail Bag"

While You Thought I Was Not Listening

A Sunday school teacher is concerned that his students might be a little confused about Jesus, so he asks his class, "Where is Jesus today?"

Steven raises his hand and says, "He's in Heaven."

Mary answers, "He's in my heart."

Little Johnny waves his hand furiously and blurts out, "He's in our bathroom!"

The surprised teacher asks Little Johnny how he knows this.

"Well," Little Johnny says, "every morning, my father gets up, bangs on the bathroom door and yells 'Jesus Christ, are you still in there?!'"

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