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If you support our national security issues, you may love and appreciate the United States of America, our Constitution with its’ freedoms, and our American flag.

If you support and practice our fiscal issues, you may value worldly possessions.

If you support and value our social issues, you may love Judeo-Christian values.

If you support and practice all these values, that is all good; an insignia of “Wisdom” . - Oscar Y. Harward

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Promoting "God's Holy Values and American Freedoms"!

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Welcome ideas that are not your own. Be open to what others have to say without getting defensive. Make it okay for others to share their ideas — even if those ideas conflict with yours. -- John Baldoni

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"Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God." (Mark 10:27)

Since time began, "they" have said it and said it again: "It simply cannot be done! Your plans are impossible."

Sculptor Gutzon Borglum was ridiculed for his grandiose vision of a great monument carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Engineers practically lined up in 1927 to enumerate the reasons that "Borglum's Folly" should be abandoned.

They said there was no mountainside that was right for the project. They said the work would require decades and a bottomless well of funding. They said the artists could never carve facial features in the correct proportions. And where were the workers who would risk their lives, hundreds of feet from the ground?

Yet fourteen years later, Mount Rushmore became one of the wonders of the world.

It is well known that there are final and absolute limits to what people may accomplish through human strength, wisdom, and philosophy. But I am persuaded that there is no limit to what our awesome, infinite, and almighty Creator God can accomplish.

God's Word tells us we can go beyond mere human potential. We can transcend natural possibilities and live in the realm of the supernatural. We can live the glorious life of believing God for the impossible.

"The Patriot Post"

"To judge from the history of mankind, we shall be compelled to conclude that the fiery and destructive passions of war reign in the human breast with much more powerful sway than the mild and beneficent sentiments of peace; and that to model our political systems upon speculations of lasting tranquillity would be to calculate on the weaker springs of human character." -- Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 34, 1788

"Law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge." -- James Wilson, Of the Study of the Law in the United States, 1790

"[W]e ought to deprecate the hazard attending ardent and susceptible minds, from being too strongly, and too early prepossessed in favor of other political systems, before they are capable of appreciating their own." -- George Washington, letter to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, 1795

"Founders As Christians"

John Jay
First Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court

Unto Him who is the author and giver of all good, I render sincere and humble thanks for His manifold and unmerited blessings, and especially for our redemption and salvation by His beloved son. He has been pleased to bless me with excellent parents, with a virtuous wife, and with worthy children. His protection has companied me through many eventful years, faithfully employed in the service of my country; His providence has not only conducted me to this tranquil situation but also given me abundant reason to be contented and thankful. Blessed be His holy name! --- Will of John Jay

Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer
Signer of the Constitution

In the name of God, Amen. I, Daniel of Saint Thomas Jenifer . . ... of dispossing mind and memory, commend my soul to my blessed Redeemer. . . -- Will of Daniel St. Thomas Jenifer


Deer Safety: Tips for Avoiding a Collision


By Dawn McCaslin

Like a scene straight out of a sports car commercial, you're driving along a winding road in the dead of night, the eerie glow from your headlights meeting the narrow asphalt, when suddenly, two green eyes flash in the darkness ahead – and a deer steps onto the roadway.

Unlike the television ad when the driver swerves wildly around the animal and then speeds off carelessly into the blackness, encountering a deer while you're on the road can be dangerous and scary. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), large animal-vehicle collisions resulted in an average of 187fatalities in recent years.

So, what can you do to stay safe during deer season?

Read on to learn the latest statistics and a few tips for making your drive through deer country as safe as possible.

Deer Statistics

Dawn and dusk are the times you are most likely to encounter deer along the roadside.

Deer breeding season runs from October through early January, and during this time they are highly active and on the move. This is when deer-vehicle collisions are at their peak.

Though deer may wander into suburban neighborhoods, they are most frequently found on the outskirts of town and in heavily wooded areas.

As pack animals, deer almost never travel alone. If you see one deer, you can bet that there are others nearby.

Preventive Techniques

The two most important ways to avoid a deer-vehicle collision are: slow down and SLOW DOWN. If you are driving through an area known for high deer populations, slow down and observe the speed limit. The more conservative you are with your speed, the more time you will have to brake if an animal darts into your path.
Always wear a seatbelt. The most severe injuries in deer-vehicle collisions usually result from failure to use a seatbelt.

Watch for the shine of eyes along the roadside and immediately begin to slow.
Use your high beams whenever the road is free of oncoming traffic. This will increase your visibility and give you more time to react.

Deer can become mesmerized by steady, bright lights so if you see one frozen on the road, slow down and flash your lights. Some experts recommend one long blast of the horn to scare them out of the road, as well.

Pay close attention to caution signs indicating deer or other large animals. These signs are specifically placed in high-traffic areas where road crossings are frequent.

If you're on a multi-lane road, drive in the center lane to give as much space to grazing deer as possible.

Encountering a Deer

Never swerve to avoid a deer in the road. Swerving can confuse the deer on where to run. Swerving can also cause a head-on collision with oncoming vehicles, take you off the roadway into a tree or a ditch, and greatly increase the chances of serious injuries.

Deer are unpredictable creatures, and one that is calmly standing by the side of the road may suddenly leap into the roadway without warning. Slowing down when you spot a deer is the best way to avoid a collision. However, if one does move into your path, maintain control and do your best to brake and give the deer time to get out of your way.

Don't rely on hood whistles or other devices designed to scare off deer. These have not been proven to work.

If you do collide with a deer (or large animal), call emergency services if injuries are involved, or the local police if no one is injured, but damage has been caused to your property or someone else's. Never touch an animal that is in the roadway. Report the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Unlike that fictional driver from the car commercial, knowing what to do when you encounter a large animal on or near the roadway can be a life-saver. Keeping calm and driving smart improve your chances of avoiding a collision and staying safe on the road. Safe travels!

"The Web"

USPS New 42-Cent Stamp!!! Celebrates Muslim holiday

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of Pan Am Flight 103!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the military Barracks in Saudi Arabia !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the American Embassies in Africa !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the USS COLE!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM attack on 9/11/2001!

REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MUSLIM attacks!

The United States Postal Service is to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new commemorative 42 Cent First Class Holiday Postage Stamp..

REMEMBER to adamantly & vocally BOYCOTT this stamp, when you are purchasing your stamps at the post office.

All you have to say is "No thank you, I do not want that Muslim Stamp on my letters!"

To use this stamp would be a slap in the face to all those AMERICANS who died at the hands of those whom this stamp honors.

REMEMBER ~ pass this along to every Patriotic AMERICAN that you know and lets get the word out!!!

Here is something to chew on...

They (MUSLIMS) don't even believe in Christ, & they're getting their own Christmas stamp! BUT, don't dare to dream of posting the ten commandments on federal property! This is truly UNBELIEVABLE !!!

Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital


View the photos below! Read the report! ABC said 60,000 to 70,000 were in attendance on 9/12/2009. Others said there were up to 2,000,000 in attendance. You can bet those in the White House and on Capitol Hill saw the crowd, may not openly admit to it, but they are politically shaken by the masses of protestors. The pictures tell the story. We report. You decide. - oyh

Patriotic anti-big-government taxpayers blast through the million protester mark

Americans flooded D.C. in what people in the crowd were calling “a conservative Woodstock”. Like the liberal Woodstock of the ’60s, thousands were rumored stranded on freeways. Some walked in to DC, ditching their cars and busses. I walked with a 5 deep 6 block long column of protesters from Pennsylvania who had walked miles from where they had to leave their busses. Networks including Fox News continued through the time I’m writing this at 8 p.m. local Eastern time reporting that “tens of thousands” showed up. Whasup with that? When will we get some reliable reporting out of the corporate media types? UPDATE: Two days later, there is still no conclusive count of the participants. Michelle Malkin’s site goes over the whole issue on a post linked at the end of this article.http://www.lookingattheleft.com/2009/09/conservative-woodstock-rocks-the-capital/

Protesters flooded Washington today in what people in the crowd are calling “a conservative Woodstock”. Like the liberal Woodstock of the ’60s, thousands were rumored stranded on freeways. Some walked in to DC, ditching their cars and busses. I walked with a 5 deep 6 block long column of protesters from Pennsylvania who told me they had walked miles from where they were forced by gridlock to leave their busses. Networks including Fox News continued through the time I’m writing this at 8 p.m. local Eastern time reporting that “tens of thousands” showed up. What is up with that? When will we get some reliable reporting out of the corporate media types? UPDATE: Two days later, there is still no conclusive count of the participants. Michelle Malkin’s site goes over the whole issue on a post linked at the end of this article.

This event had been promoted as a taxpayer “tea party” but the crowd’s concerns were wide ranging, from outrage at the corrupt ACORN activists and Obama’s socialist cadre known as Czars, to Obama’s naked untruthfulness. Protesters also displayed signs mocking Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for smearing the grassroots movement as “astroturfers” and an “angry mob”.

I think this gathering should be appreciated as the extremely important historical event that it is. This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement, which developed in the post-WWII, Cold War environment has now fully matured into the most significant political movement of the 21st century. I believe that this day could be referred to in the not too distant future as the day that changed America. This was the day the great silent conservative majority finally found its voice.

Many of the attendees were quite meek and timid and were unsure of exactly what to expect, this being the first time in their lives they’d been involved in a protest movement. Their fears evaporated early in the day and people reveled in the camaraderie , the joy and sheer civility that was exhibited at the entire event. Chants of “Freedom, freedom, freedom”, “No more czars! No more czars!” carried through the air without the slightest hint of the rancor which is the norm at the many leftist rallies I have photographed over the years.

The two photos above show a tiny fraction of the multitude that surged through the American capitol. I saw signs and heard lots of comments comparing this event to Woodstock. At the time this photo was taken, around 1:00 p.m., Pennsylvania Avenue was still jammed completely, and the mall was packed from the Capitol Building past the Washington Monument. See aerial photos here.

Protesters came from every state in the union. This man came from San Antonio, TX. He said that he was really sorry he hadn’t brought his family. He stated that being a black conservative he was unwilling to expose his children to what he expected would be a lot of liberal abuse. He was thrilled with the overall tenor of the event and the fact that no liberals were present to harass him. He spoke about how incredibly intolerant the left is to black individuals who don’t bow to the party line.

These Ohioans took a day off their rodeo bull-riding schedule. They said they’ll be back at it tomorrow.

Mike Pence (R-Indiana) was one of the speakers who addressed the crowd: “After years of fighting runaway government on this hill, you people look like the cavalry to me..I believe we are on the verge of a great American awakening.”

San Diego radio host Mason Weaver said from the podium: “I came here because I thought you might want to hear a black man speak without a teleprompter…This government is trying to make a nation of dependent people. Americans have always been independent people…This is not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democrat thing. It’s not a black thing or a white thing. It’s an American thing…We the people are telling them ‘No more! We’ve had enough!”

In the very center of the photo, above the Silence is Consent – Can You Hear Us Now sign, you can see Pennsylvania Ave., which at this time is totally blocked with protesters who cannot move forward to the Capitol area. Sorry, full up.

There were notable differences though, in the behavior of these attendees. Although the legend of Woodstock is that there was a friendly atmosphere of camaraderie, the truth is that most people were there for the drugs, sex and rock and roll. Today in D.C. there was a true kinship amongst these people based on shared values and intellectual understanding of what America is and how its future is imperiled by big radical government.

No one was having sex in the Reflecting Pool let alone the mud, and I saw no one projectile vomiting on the steps of the Capitol. There were no warnings to avoid the bad acid which would send you on a trip to the hospital. Not just a different era, but a different level of civilized behavior and thought. Oh, and by the way, these people didn’t leave tons of garbage behind when they left. Actually they left no trash behind at all.

Obama Lied, Capitalism Died.

We are the mob!

Support Class Envy! Redistribute Wealth.

Madam Speaker: Kiss Our Astroturf!

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Obama Himself – - – Compassion is Voluntary, Not Compulsory!

WALNUT – Workers Against Lazy Non-Producers United Together — the conservative answer to ACORN. Didn’t have to ask them if they were receiving any taxpayer money like radical left-wing ACORN. Different DNA!

Proud members of the “Angry Mob” and they’re armed with their votes.

Very cute tiny megaphone which boosted her voice by 10% or so. It was the only megaphone I saw in the three hours I was there.

Your wallet…the only place Democrats are willing to drill! – Don’t share my wealth –share my work ethic!

Right-wing extremist armed with the constitution.

Who are the commie czars?

Jews from former USSR say NO to Socialism — Many Russians who escaped to the US are stunned by the creeping socialism that they have found here in the last two decades. Now they too are marching in the streets. They know what tyranny looks like and they are alarmed by the direction the new administration is taking.

Marxism – the opiate of the asses – Posters from the Peoples Cube are proliferating amongst protesters.

Stop Making Profit! — Report all Capitalist Activities to flag@whitehouse.gov

World’s #1 Crypto-Marxist. Endorsed by Fidel Castro: “The most powerful progressive candidate to the U.S. presidency.” – GRANMA, Havana, May 26, 2008

Dictator Castro did indeed endorse Obama. Note that he used the word progressive to describe Barack? Well thats because the Libs gave the word liberal such a bad smell by their behavior and policies over the years that they had to abandon it. They started referring to themselves as progressives and figured no one would notice the word’s communist pedigree. It means progress on the road to socialism and Castro understands it that way. Well shazzam Martha, look at that! The president really is a progressive just like NPR says he is !!

Nancy Pelosi has accused patriotic tea-party goers of “carrying swastikas” implying that they are Nazi sympathizers or worse. This event was knee deep in hammers and sickles and words like “socialist” “communist” and “Marxist”. It continues to fascinate me how the Democrat Party tolerates this without ever objecting or attempting to refute this widespread view of Obama. When will the MSM ask the questions about his The High One’s communist buddies and endorsers? And why do communists who absolutely loath the USA, like Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and Michael Moore worship at the alter of Obama? Well at least the Marxiats who endorse him have no qualms about telling it like it is.

Ever present at Tea Parties are Sons of Liberty re-enactors. The couple on the left is from Ohio and the young lady on the right is not but she joined in the photo. The clothing for the couple was hand stitched by the lady on the left. The younger lady also stitched her own. This is what really hip conservatives are wearing these days. And boy do they love America.

New Audio Shows White House Using NEA to Push Obama Agenda

September 21, 2009

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RUSH: Do you remember that NEA phone call? I think it was back in August, the 21st or the 25th, and it featured basically a coordination from the White House to the National Endowment for the Arts to promote Obama's health care and parts of his domestic agenda. One of the artists on that call got hold of Breitbart and said they're turning the National Endowment for the Arts and www.Serve.gov, the latest website out of the White House, into political instruments, and there are four pieces written on this at BigGovernment.com. But all it really exposes up 'til now is that the NEA was lying about their coordination with the Obama White House on spreading propaganda. This is the thing that George Will had a comment on This Week, said some laws were broken in this call. Then after some attention was focused on this they announced that the National Endowment for the Arts director of communications Yosi Sargent had been reassigned. They said he was fired but he was actually just reassigned.

A week later George Will wrote a Washington Post column on this and understandably a lot of people are infuriated about the politicization of the NEA and turning it into an Obama campaign. I don't know why anybody is surprised about this. Folks, the private sector of this country is being gobbled up like Pacman on steroids. The idea the Obama administration would be using some left-wing agency like the NEA to spread his domestic propaganda is not a shock. There hasn't been any evidence up 'til now, though, of Obama being involved in it, just the NEA. But that is until today. Now, the BigGovernment.com website has full audio and a full transcript. It's 44 pages. There are 25 different audio sound bites. We're putting together a couple of key elements of the sound bites from this page and we hope to have it in the next hour, but the transcript and the full audio at BigGovernment.com. Apparently the full transcript here shows the White House orchestrating this through a woman named Buffy Wicks with the White House Office of Public Engagement. Buffy Wicks works under Valerie Jarrett, who is at the right hand of Barack Obama, The Almighty.

Also in the call, orchestrating service in the name of Obama to the NEA -- you gotta go out and serve, you gotta advance the agenda in service, the name of Obama, Nell Abernathy, director of outreach of the Corporation of National and Community Service, which is the independent agency that is the parent of the president's United We Serve initiative. Now, they got rid of Yosi Sergant, they threw him under the bus, they reassigned him within but what happens is by getting rid of this guy they're trying to cover up the fact the White House is involved in using the NEA to spread Obama propaganda and as George Will has speculated, there have to be laws being violated here. The White House and Valerie Jarrett admit that by reassigning Yosi that something was wrong, a tantamount admission by their action. But the White House it turns out, according to Breitbart's website, is in charge of the call, has ties to ACORN, even. We know that www.Serve.gov, we mentioned last week, all it is is an end run now that ACORN is in trouble, Serve.gov simply, if you call in there, if you go to their website, they'll redirect you to various front community organizations all tied to the White House designed to spread the Obama agenda.

Now, this Buffy Wicks babe, who works very closely with Valerie Jarrett, and there's nothing she's doing that Obama doesn't know about, Buffy Wicks organized the Walmart boycotts over the years, which were shakedowns. Buffy Wicks used ACORN to help protest Walmart. The legal and political scrutiny here is going to be damning if people go look at this. I don't expect the Drive-Bys in the State-Controlled Media to pick this up but it's just the latest drop. Buffy Wicks, the deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, she is key to all this because previously the only person identified was an NEA, National Endowment for the Arts underling but now there's a key White House person in Valerie Jarrett's office heard on the phone calls orchestrating artists to go out and do it for Obama. Now, this is a clear violation of the law, and the tapes of the calls are there, it's a huge posting, 44 pages, 25 audio sound bites. This is just the latest in the videotapes with the pimp and the prostitute running in and exposing ACORN for what they are.

Now, the White House central to this call, the White House central to this operation, according to Breitbart's BigGovernment.com. There's also a bunch of pro-Obama art that was written for this, and drawn, and created and that came from the phone call from Buffy Wicks to all these artists who are being urged to go out and win one for Obama. It's pretty damning, and it's much too large and complicated here to expose it all on the radio show, but we are putting together some of the key audio of the phone call from Buffy Wicks who works right there with Valerie Jarrett. So in a nutshell, what you have here is the White House using the NEA to more or less demand that they publicly support Obama and his health care and his agenda. Now, the NEA gets all their grant money from the federal government. They were threatened here vaguely that money might stop. They were asked to produce some pro-Obama artwork. And I'm thinking, why wouldn't they already be doing that? (laughing) That's what they do. So BigGovernment.com and you'll find everything.

Stephanopoulos probably thought he was getting tough on the president by quibbling over -- did you see this on This Week yesterday, whether a tax is a tax? We had to go through parsing the word "is" under Clinton, well, depends on what the word "is" means. Now the way to understand that Obama does not think a tax is a tax is all money is his. For whatever his agenda needs it's his anyway, he's just going to keep more of it rather than letting you get back some of what they've taken from what you earn. We've got audio sound bites of Stephanopoulos. By the way, Howard Kurtz, Obama did not break through, he did not break through on these five Sunday appearances. It just didn't work for him out there and so, because of that, the State-Controlled Media once again focusing on me and focusing on the uncivil right wing media in this country.


RUSH: White House officials on tape coordinating the use of the NEA for propaganda, Buffy Wicks, August 2009, works with Valerie Jarrett, deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Here's a portion of her remarks using the NEA to push White House propaganda, said the White House is coming at them with some specific requests.

WICKS: You know, we won, and that's exciting and now we have to take all that energy and -- and make it really meaningful. Change does not come easy and, you know, when -- when then-candidate Obama would say that, it's like, yeah, I know change doesn't come easy, but now that I'm actually in the White House and working towards furthering this agenda, this very aggressive agenda, I'm really realizing that and I'm also really appreciative of the way in which that we did win and the strategy that the campaign chose which is really to engage people at a local level and engage them in the process because we need them and we need you and we're going to need your help and we're going to come at you with some specific tasks here.

RUSH: Specific requests. We're going to ask you to help us advance the agenda. Here she mentions her boss Valerie Jarrett, who we have to assume knows what she's doing.

WICKS: I'm at the Office of Public Engagement here at the White House. Our office does a lot of outreach to communities all across the country either by constituency group or by issue. We have about 20 folks and we work under Valerie Jarrett. We're really here at your disposal and we want to be helpful to you. And my role here is working on service. And so when we were thinking about how do we take a lot of this energy that's out there, how do we translate folks who have just been engaged in electoral politics and engage them in really the process of governing and of being a part of this administration in a little bit of different way because politics is one thing and governing is something totally separate, and so we really saw service as the platform by which we can do that.

RUSH: Service disguised as advancing an Obama agenda, propaganda run out of Valerie Jarrett's office in the White House by Buffy Wicks, Buffy the Walmart Slayer, she organized all the boycotts and hassles with Walmart using ACORN to harass them, and this is a conference call with members of the NEA, artists, which is federally funded, so not kosher here.


RUSH: We got one more sound bite here from Buffy Wicks. This is a conference call. This is out of the White House. Deputy director White House Office of Public Engagement. She works directly for and under Valerie Jarrett, Obama and Michelle's top advisor. Now, this is a final portion of Buffy's remarks to all the artists from the NEA on this conference call.

WICKS: So we focus on the four main areas: One is health care. Obviously, that's a big issue. We met with Health and Human Services and thought through there are ways we can have organizations and individuals work with HHS and others to be effective. Is it preventative health care? Is it children nutrition? What are the main issues? What's the main focus there? Second was energy and environment. And so we worked a lot with the Department of Interior. I know I'm throwing a lot of government stuff at you guys, so bear with me. It's the world we live in now. We're actually running the government.

RUSH: "We're actually running the government," Buffy Wicks. This is BigGovernment.com and BigHollywood.Breitbart.com. It's all over the place. It's actually amazing. Let's jump forward now to Sunday, September 6th. That's audio sound bite number 27. Now, this is after the first series of tapes were heard but Buffy Wicks had not been heard in those tapes. Only a guy named Yosi Sergant had been heard. And after these tapes aired, Yosi was reassigned and thrown under the bus. This is George Will on This Week, September 6th, the roundtable discussing all this.

WILL: Recently there was a conference call arranged by the National Endowment for the Arts with a representative of the White House for potential grantees or actual grantees of the federal government, getting subsidies. The thing of it was how the arts community could help advance the president's agenda. And I don't know how many laws that breaks, but I'm sure there are some.

RUSH: Gotta be exactly right. I don't know how many laws there are, but nobody's going to be holding him accountable. You could ask what in the world is constitutional about Obama's health care plan. Where does it say in the Constitution you could do this? You know, the constitutionality of most of this agenda could come under serious question if there were any attempt to hold anybody accountable here. But this is what you get with one-party rule with no checks and balances and also when you have a compliant, slavish State-Controlled Media. This is not pimps and hoes in various offices of ACORN around the country, but it is the White House. It is right in the office of Valerie Jarrett, number one advisor to Obama and Michelle with this Buffy babe, Buffy Wicks, conducting a conference call with NEA artists working up various things they can do to help push the entire Obama social agenda. This is a point that we make constantly and it's starting to sound like a broken record, but imagine if this kind of thing were to have been discovered during the Bush administration. There would be no end in sight to the caterwauling and the whining and moaning going on about this.


RUSH: Say, folks, do you remember when it was revealed that the Bush Department of Education had paid Armstrong Williams something like $241,000 to help promote the No Child Left Behind Act? Remember that? Exactly what is happening with the Obama White House and the NEA. And when it was discovered that Armstrong Williams had taken 241 grand, Henry Waxman introduced H.R. 373 which would make such a thing completely against the law. Do you remember that? I do. That's why I have the presence of mind to mention it to you now.


"The e-mail Bag"

To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me

I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on my girlfriend and me, threatening our lives.

You also asked for my girlfriend's purse and earrings.

I can only hope that you somehow come across this rather important message.

First, I'd like to apologize for your embarrassment when I drew my pistol after you took my Jacket. The evening was not that cold, and I was wearing the jacket for a reason.

My girlfriend had just bought me that Kimber Model 1911 .45 ACP pistol for my birthday, and we had picked up a shoulder holster for it that very evening.

Obviously you agree that it is a very Intimidating weapon when pointed at your head, wasn't it?

I know it probably wasn't fun walking back to wherever you'd come from bare footed since I made you leave your shoes, cell phone, and wallet with me. [That prevented you from calling or running to your buddies to come help mug us again].

After I called your mother, or "Momma" as you had her listed in your cell, I explained the entire episode of what you'd done. Then I Went and filled up my gas tank as well as four other people's in the gas station on your credit card. The guy with the big motor home took 150 gallons and was extremely grateful!

I gave your shoes to a homeless guy outside Vinnie Van Go Go's, along with all the cash in your wallet. [That made his day!]

I then threw your wallet into the big pink "pimp mobile" that was parked at the curb ...... after I broke the windshield and side window and keyed the entire driver's side of the car.

Later, I called a bunch of phone sex numbers from your cell phone. Ma Bell just now shut down the line, although I only used the phone for a little over a day now, so what's going on with that?

Earlier, I managed to get in two threatening phone calls to the DA's office and one to the FBI, while mentioning President Obama as my possible target. The FBI guy seemed really intense and we had a nice long chat (I guess while he traced your number, etc).

In a way, perhaps I should apologize for not killing you . .... . but I feel this type of retribution is a far more appropriate punishment for your threatened crime. I wish you well as you try to sort through some of these rather immediate pressing issues, and can only hope that you have the opportunity to reflect upon, and perhaps reconsider the career path you've chosen to pursue in life.

Remember, next time you might not be so lucky.

Have a good day!

Thoughtfully yours,

P.S. Remember this motto. An armed society makes for a more civil society!

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